Your Ego doesn't need to die

Only the parts of you still attached to it, do.

by Amanda L Darch

Your Ego doesn't need to die. A healthy Ego is the result of disillusionment of every nuance of Pride, Judgement & Attachment to your self-identities you have created up until, and to, this point in your journey.

Breif examples: The Victim. The Self-righteous. The Vain. The Judge. The Devil's Advocate. The Princess/Prince, King/Queen, God/Goddess. The Healer. The Guru.

The lists of Archetypes can go on, and on.

To innerstand this, look to what masks you wear daily in your interactions.

To explore this, ask yourself why you feel the need for these facades.

Is it self-esteem?


Or is it something deeper that is an unconscious default you have programmed yourself to "think" you need.

As I mentioned, the Ego doesn't need to die per se, what does need to die is the attachments to every identity, the ingrained personality traits that is preventing you from living a more heart-based existence.

This isn't to disregard or devalue you, or the labels you have ascribed yourself for others to innerstand what you are about. I.e., The Healer. The Guru.

I resonate with, and have "labelled" myself, an Alchemist. As that is the closest and most succinct way of explaining who & what I am at the core of my essence.

What I am pointing out, is a blind spot for you to explore within yourself, to discover the motivations behind such titles, and your own inner driver of these Archetypes we all hold within.

Further to, The Victim. The Self-righteous, The Vain, The Judge, & The Devil's Advocate.

Where have these Archetypes held you back in your life, simply due to an inability to let go of them due to imbalances in pride and self-righteousness.

An example: How often have you heard someone say, or perhaps their energy shifts internally to say, "That's just me, that's just who I am." when they are confronted with a conflict, have their beliefs challenged, or when being challenged to radically change anything about themselves and their life?

Or perhaps you have caught yourself in this thought about yourself on occasion.

What if I told you there was an easier way to bringing in and establishing a healthy non-attached Ego, without the need to go through another Dark Night of the Soul?

This is possible, without the tremendous amounts of grief being inflicted upon yourself.

Purely using Alchemy alone.

See, what many amongst the spiritual communities forget to mention is that a death of the Ego, isn't in fact a “killing off” of the Ego.

It is removing the limitations, the blockages and attachments within it that cause us to suffer difficulties in our daily lives. It is realigning it to it’s purest neutrality point.