Weekly Energy Tip | WEEK 29

Balancing Duality,

Creating a NEW Story, Clearing & Closures...

Week 29: Balancing Duality, Creating a NEW Story, Clearing & Closures of Karmic Cycles, Illusions & Suffering, Re-writing Paradigms!

We begin this week with the Moon completing its transit through Sagittarius moving in Capricorn in preparation for the Full Moon and partial Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday 17th July. This is a massive turning point and launch pad for re-writing your story.

We are closing out a 37 year cycle with this Eclipse and Full Moon – therefore ensure that you are prepared to truly end what no longer serves “before the cement dries”* as once this energy has passed, there won’t be a do-over offered.

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We have had an interesting lead up into this Eclipse with many a Karmic Cycle being closed out and completed. The cosmos really has been pushing us and testing us, with the South Node in Capricorn Conjunct Saturn Rx Conjunct Pluto Rx there are only illusions to be found through logic right now and our only way out is through the emotional growth and healing of Cancer, the Mother, the heart and home, the Cardinal Water energy that is encouraging you to trust and FEEL your way to your solutions and growth.

Balancing out the duality at war within between Capricorn Father energy of “go, go, go,” “do, do, do,” with the Mother energy of “just be” and for the love of God “feel” into your body and find the answers.

With Mercury now Retrograde too in the sign of Fixed Fire Leo, we are discombobumlated by reminiscing and ruminating on what once was.

Questioning ourselves; Did I do that to the best of my abilities? Did that person really mean x, y & z, when they said, a, b & c? Did I make the right decision/s? What if that person really is good for me? What if? What if? What if? And around and around it goes.

Mercury transiting “backwards” into Cancer will mean we want to take one last look at everything Home and heart based, as well as revisiting the healing and lessons surrounding out Mother wounds, afforded to us in the lead up to the New Moon in Cancer earlier this month. Check out that post here However, now we must refocus our energies toward that of the Father figure/s in our lives and devote the same amount of energy and “time” to understanding those aspects of conditioning and healing that are required to be re-written, cleared and healed for your own new paradigms to be set in place for your future.

To those of you who are particularly sensitive and consciously aware of these shifts; you may be finding it to be a difficult time. However, I can assure you that only exponential levels of innerstanding and growth are awaiting you on the other side.

Surrender into the energy this week and allow whatever needs to be acknowledged and released, up and out of you for your greatest good.

By Thursday morning the Moon will have transited through to Aquarius until Saturday afternoon and although this can be a time of respite again for us - as we can detach a little easier and cool our jets - it may also have you wanting to desperately seek stability. Use this 'heads up' to choose where you seek shelter wisely as you don’t want to begin something you may regret later.

With the shift into Pisces on Saturday afternoon you may feel pulled again to take another look at the higher/macro perspective you couldn’t quite reach earlier on in the week.

The best thing you can do this week is; Do you and take care of yourself, to the enth degree as you do everyone else, as you are still being encouraged to seek balance in your connections.

With only three planets direct at this time – Mars, Venus and Uranus - we are being pushed to feel into what we truly value. In relationship to everything and everyone in our lives (romantic and non) and how we relate to the world at large.

Now is not the time to settle for "less than" A. What you truly desire, B. What you are truly worth, C. What you truly value, and D. Your own truth.

Go within your heart space, balance the ego, and see with clarity just how truly remarkable and wonderful you are. See yourself through the eyes of another – you will never doubt your self worth again. Trust me darling, you are Divine. Find there your personal truth that sets you free from past limiting beliefs and constraints which had been conditioned into you.

Uranus in Taurus is all about shifting, mass reforms, restructuring societal norms and breaking down outdated modes of functioning and being. The last time Uranus shifted into Taurus was 84 years ago - when the English Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II inherited the throne and Hitler was put into power. So embrace this nudge from the Astros and trust what you feel to be your truth, and screw whatever the nay-sayers project on to you.

Check out the video below for additional Channelled messages using the Tarot!

As always, I hope this finds you well lovely one, make it an amazing week regardless of the ebbs and flows!

Be kind to yourself beloved, because you are divine, you are beautiful, and you are worth it!

Blessings & be well, always



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(Fractal Art Credit: @pixabay & #insspirito Thank you 🙏💚)

*Quoted from David Palmer of The Leo King and HighVibe TV