Weekly Energy Tip | WEEK 27

Love of Self, Rest, Closing of Cycles...

Week 27: Love of Self, Rest, Closing of cycles, Unity consciousness, Creation & Expression, Balance, Relationships, Truths & Trust, New Ideas! New Perspectives!

This week we began with our Moon in Gemini, adding another cognitive layer of introspection to the already present quest into our emotions and feeling bodies offered by the Sun now firmly planted in the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer.

The Moon entered Cancer yesterday in the prelude to the New Moon tomorrow and offered us the energy of wanting to retreat to safety of our home within.

As we are now in the season of the sign ruled by the Moon, being aware of where your Moon is in your natal chart will aide in finding the aspect of your life in which you may need to be focusing on this season and for setting intentions this New Moon. (Post to come)

The energy of the Saturn Rx/Pluto Rx/South Node conjunction in Capricorn and thus the North Node being in Cancer, is still demanding we attend to our Parent Wounds. Capricorn/Saturn represents the Father dynamic and Cancer/Moon represents the Mother dynamic.

Relationships in general, are all undergoing a level of review, refreshing, adjusting or ending. However, on a Karmic level it is our relationships with our parents, where we will be offered a deeper insight into the role we play and how we show up in relationships.

Healing of co-dependent dynamics and closing out cycles of repeated patterns is all being encouraged by the cosmos right now. If you wish to find a deeper level of insight here into finding your own relationship patterns, look back to 2010, and then back again to 2000.

View the relationships you were in then from an energetic perspective. Friends, family and romantic relationships are all one in the same from an energetic point of view – as the energy each connection brings to the dynamic is where you will find the reflections.

This can be the case, even if these people appear on the surface to be complete opposites to those whom you are surrounded with presently.

Further to this, we are being encouraged to learn to re-parent ourselves. Becoming our own source of unconditional love, support and encouragement. This is a time where practicing Mirror work, speaking to your reflection, can be most powerful!

Especially with Neptune being Retrograde as this can assist us in seeing ourselves with fresh eyes, through a far more compassionate and loving lens than usual. Use this compassionate energy to nurture yourself and show yourself extra self-love and care this week.

If you are tired, then rest, even if just for a little power nap. Pushing through and ignoring what you truly desire and need will not be tolerated by your heart and soul for much longer. Trust yourself to know when you need to rest and when you need to push through.

As we currently have four major Retrogrades underway, be aware this Sunday, July 7th here in Australia, Mercury will be Stationing for 24hrs, prior to joining the Rx party. When Mercury Stations we are offered an influx of cerebral energy, so it is important to remain grounded as this particular Station I feel will have a little extra power given Neptune is also Rx and is the ruler of our Pineal gland, illusions, dreams, and spiritual unseen realms.

Until Mercury begins its Retrograde we will have the Moon transit through Leo and entering Virgo on Saturday. I feel whilst the Moon is in Leo we will have yet another brief reprieve.

However, this is one reprieve where we will have to watch our egos/tempers/tongues. As we have all been feeling these energies push and pull us about, and it will continue afterwards when the Moon continues into Virgo, just not everyone will be as consciously aware as yourself to why they are feeling this irksome/urgent/pressure therefore eruptions and frustrations may run high in some.

Remember for Cancer season, it is your Moon sign and therefore your deepest emotions that is your guiding light right now. Check out my Neptune Retrograde Blog post and video to get a free link to access your Natal Chart. Once you have discovered your Moon sign the focus of this season and New Moon – Post to come - intentions may become a little more apparent to you.

As always, I hope this finds you well lovely one, make it an amazing week regardless of the ebbs and flows!

Be kind to yourself beloved, because you are divine, you are beautiful and you are worth it!

Blessings & be well, always



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