Weekly Energy Tip | WEEK 25

Creative Flow, change, surrender...

Week 25: Creative flow, change, surrender, self-love & nurturing, believe in your own power, blending of your feminine & masculine aspects, TRUST!

This week beloveds we started off with the Moon in Sagittarius hitting it’s Fullest and most potent energies at 6:30pm on Monday.

Our Moon has since transited through to Capricorn and now stability and a quiet assuredness has fallen upon us. Eerily calm yet with Mars, Saturn and Neptune Aspecting there is a frequency of aliveness and vitality afforded to us, marking a new wave of energies for this week.

As the Moon continues to transit through Capricorn & Aquarius over the next few days and into the weekend, we will be offered glimpses of insight into some of the reclusive answers we have been seeking. This will be highlighted in our lives by perhaps some not so desirable secrets coming to light, or you are stepping out of the shadows yourself with a big announcement.

After the last few weeks of heavy energy I feels as though a weight will be lifted from our shoulders over the next 24 – 72 hours and I urge you to remind yourself to surrender into what is presented to you.

If there are any remnants of a recent upheaval required to be cleansed, allow it to be released. As this Full Moon was encouraging us all to LET GO!

As we settle into the new energies this week we are to remind ourselves that we are finding a new balance, a blending of our Feminine and Masculine aspects of self. Therefore the push-pull we have all been feeling will now turn into a beautiful choreography between our Feminine; our emotional bodies, feelings and intuitive knowing and our Masculine; our physical bodies, cognitive functioning and “doing” behaviours.

You will find that as you release your grip and flow with your intuitive pulls and nudges, you will be reinforcing your belief in yourself. The belief of your own innate power and this week will have you opening yourselves up to trusting your abilities, knowledge and intuition more and more.

The last few weeks hazy energy filled us with doubt, now is the time to stand firm in your knowing beloveds. Belief in your intuitive heart and trusting in what it desires; is for your highest good! No matter how painful it may be to speak or act on. There is great reward for listening and heeding the call to action when you have those intuitive nudges.

When I feel into this week, I am excited for the collective. As I can feel the reprieve, albeit a brief one, is on it’s way to us. There is something about Friday afternoon, through to Saturday evening which feels very special for some of you. Please let me know if this hits for you! Maybe it’s a date night/anniversary or a birthday either way, it feels like the weekend will have it’s tests for some, yes. Overall though, I feel it will be wonderful for all!

If you are yet to feel the reprieve and are feeling more of the Neptunian fuzzy energies – please ground yourselves darlings. Our mental health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance!!

If you missed the last couple of “Weekly Energy Tip” – Week 23 & Week 24 - posts, please go and check them out.

The last couple of weeks there was a heavy resurgence of the collective’s mental health being under cosmic attack. With the Neptune Square and Virgonian Moon aspects weekend of June 6th through to 8th this brought back our mental health issues we have already dealt with and thought we had left in the past.

Therefore, if you felt this energy via a recurrence of, or an unexpected spike in depression, anxiety, suicidal narratives or any other mental health issue, I encourage you to check out my videos and connect with me if you feel you need some extra support at this time. As I know all too well what it is like once we slip on that spiral.

I am here for you all, only a message away at any time.

This is the week to get back in touch with the things that make your heart and soul sing! I want you to reconnect to something you loved doing as a child/teenager this week.

Think, painting/arty crafty things, cooking, dancing, riding a bike, singing at the top of your lungs no matter what your voice sounds like. Do it! Do it all and sit in the hilarity and childlike delight of having fun and being light-hearted.

Even if you only do it once, and not again for a few months. Try it and see how you feel, just to see what happens, I dare ya! ;P

Changing up your routine and habits will most definitely be on the cards this week too as we are moving into Cardinal Water energies of Cancer. So, making change around the hearth and home - maybe renovations and redecorating around your home or perhaps a move shortly will be on the cards! Cancer is the nurturing mother of the Water signs and loves to be Mumma/Pappa-bear, just beware if you cross one of her 'cubs' as those claws are sharp!

People born with Cancer as their Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign are massively empathic and intuitive people. They feel the emotions and intent behind peoples words and actions on such a deep level. They are the most likely the ones whom grew-up being told they feel "too much". They enjoy taking care of everyone and anyone who is in their heart & worlds. Therefore, please DO NOT forget to extend this unconditionally loving and giving nature/behaviour on to yourselves right now. You need it too!!

As always, I hope this finds you well lovely one, make it an amazing week regardless or the ebbs and flows!

Blessings and be well



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