Weekly Energy Tip | WEEK 24

Balance, Duality & the Illusion...

Week 24: Balance, Duality & the Illusion, Relationships, Family, Foundations, Revision, Fun, Love, Nurturing, HOME!

This week Astrologically speaking from Sunday 9th @07:45 AEST when our Moon moved into Virgo it has caused a resurgence of confusion, indecision and mental chaos.

With our Sun in Gemini we are all about our knowing and mental processes at the moment and the potential really is limitless.

However, when the Moon shifted into Virgo this created hard aspects to Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius in the 6th House and Neptune in Pisces in 9th House. It caused us to revise all we believed to be true in our realities.

Looking to foundational truths we have created for ourselves and inspecting our values and belief systems surrounding our relationships, our self-care regimes and looking at how we attempt to create a balance in our day-to-day existence. Furthermore, this only highlighting the illusion of duality in our lives creating a sense of being alone in all of our mess and confusion. When in fact we are not alone, ever. I won’t go too much into the Astrological side of things here. However, just know collectively right now we are all purging, releasing, clearing and transmuting many past aspects of self that no longer are congruent to the new worlds in which we wish to create for ourselves. In the process of this and with the heavy planetary placements & South Node in Capricorn, our only way out is through the opposite Zodiac sign, which is Cancer.

Cancer calls for us to FEEL our way into our new beginnings and emotional intelligence as beings. Unfortunately for many of us, we have either been conditioned, or conditioned ourselves not to FEEL so that we may function. The lifetime of suppression of our true feelings is a major factor in why this hurts so much right now and creates confusion and delusions having us cast doubt on our own ability to trust ourselves and perceptions. Making us feel stuck, unable to move forward, which is also part of the illusion, right now.

We have been called to revisit many aspects of past self that we thought had long died off or had been healed. Predominantly these hard aspects (Squares & Oppositions) to Neptune in Pisces had our mental health under attack. I myself had an acute plummet and brief reoccurring glimpses, into depths of my past depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts from Sunday evening through to yesterday afternoon. I have not felt this level of mental ill-health since I was at the depths of my binge-drinking alcoholism in 2015 (sober since 18 November 2019).

For these past few days I had to honour and allow my true feelings to be felt and cleared. I have attempted each day to sit and write and get this Blog and Vlog out for you all, however, each time I attempted it new self-sabotaging narratives would enter into mind and I would have to begin again with allowing, accepting and clearing. You see, for the majority of my life I lived in my Masculine aspect, in order not to feel, because I was an unawakened empath and did not know that my feeling everything so deeply, or “too much” was completely “normal”. I just got goose-bumps as I wrote these words, so this is my confirmation.

Further to suppressing as much emotion as I could, I also suppressed my fears of being seen, of being judged and ridiculed. So yay! *dripping with sarcasm* All this has been coming up for release and transmutation. It is wonderful yes, yet can leave me in such a sensitive state and it did so for the last few days. So my focus has been on grounding, journalling, mini meditations, Sukah Kriya and spending the evening with my sister, and her family. Seeing my Niece and Nephew. Anyways, I only share this as a heads-up and also a reminder that yes, whilst I am very spiritual, I also approach life from a realistic and holistic standpoint. I hope and wish for you to do the same, as we must remain healthy, safe and sane on our journey’s.

This week and through to Saturday when our Moon will enter Sagittarius @ 19:04 AEST (+10 UTC) we will be experiencing the transit through Libra and Scorpio. Therefore, whilst you are undergoing an internal audit of all things foundational, home and heart based, I encourage you to make some time for a little fun amongst the introspection, even if only for 30 mins at a time. Come down out of the depths of your minds and into the present moment.

As an example, I do this by connecting in with my heart, placing my hand over my heart and taking deep breaths to come back into my feeling body. Other ways I do this is by playing fetch or tag with my dog, Pablo (as weird as that sounds). I ensure I am 100% present in that very moment with him and it eases the mental chaos. As I am a Virgo Sun and thus ruled by alchemical Mercury, I require a lot of grounding naturally. So I urge you, if you are feeling the same, as I understand how hard it can be, to pause. Really drop down into your body and focus on your breath. Here's a link to a Grounding Solfeggio Tune and one of my videos you may find helpful at this time, including the Sukha Kriya Yoga breathing technique.

This week it would also behove you to really nurture yourself and your spirit. Make a home within your own hearts and love yourself that little bit more this week – however, that looks for you.

Points to ponder for areas of self-nurturing; What have you been procrastinating on doing for yourself? Do you need to journal more? Maybe hit the gym and release some excess energy at the time? Or perhaps your body is having odd food cravings, like, healthy foods? Trust your intuitive knowing to what your body is calling for, and listen to it, take appropriate action. Trust me, it is required at the time for your betterment and wellbeing.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you require support at this time, as this is why I am here. Supporting you through trying times and celebratory times, it is the reason I continue to dive head first into my own healing journey, each and every time it begins to arise and especially, when it appears to come out of nowhere and demands to be attended to.

Be gentle with yourselves this week beautiful ones, and patient with your transformation.

Butterflies cannot survive if they leave, or are pulled from - the cocoon prematurely. As their wings have not yet completely developed into their glorious and beautiful strength.

Because this blog was late I have created an added extra video for you guys. So stay tuned and I'll post it later tonight when Editing/Upload is complete k.

As always, I hope this finds you well lovely one, make it an amazing week regardless or the ebbs and flows!

Blessings and be well



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