Weekly Energy Tip | WEEK 23

Turning Point, Liberation, Transformation...

Trying something NEW beloveds, let me know what you think!

This week we are yet again, being stretched and tested by the Cosmos. Not only because of the Gemini New Moon, the planetary placements are such that only major transformations can and will occur. So surrender beloveds. Cease attempting to find the answers, they are not just yet available. The Moon followed by The High Priestess only further confirm this.

Check out the video below.

Week 23: Turning Point, Liberation, Transformation, Love, Unconditional Trust, Breaking Free, Shedding of the old you, Grounding your Divinity, MANIFESTATIONS!

This is going to be a week of our faith & trust in the Divine being tested and as we release all of our personal limitations and conditioned restrictions we are now going to embark on an abundant and whole future dream not yet perceived within our minds eyes. Letting go of the need to know is required right now and the Two of Cups in this layout is indicative of our need to remain focused on our transmutations of energies as they are in flux right now to be realigned.

Hold fast to your belief in self. Stand unshakable in your truths. Ride the waves and listen to you intuition. Massive Chakra activations these last few weeks and will continue through to August 8th. Rest when you need to rest, release when you need to release, and be gentle with yourself when you are going through it, and love yourself that little bit more. Soften your inner critic and self-parent to be your own support system/cheer squad.

As you all know, our journeys are one of continual evolution and these last few weeks – especially – have been pushing me into a next level of self. I am going through the healing that’s necessary, and I am so excited for what is around the next bend, over the next threshold, and without a shadow of doubt – I am fucking nervous at the same time!! The good kinda nervous though! haha! Walking my talk and holding unconditional trust in the Universe and the Divine plan. Heart-felt gratitude for having you all be a part of and witnessing my journey - I appreciate all of you, very much.

I hope you enjoy this video beloveds, make it an amazing week!

Blessings and be well



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