Weekly Energy Tip | WEEK 22

Mastery, Balance, Resourcefulness....

Week 22: Mastery, Balance, Resourcefulness, Peace, Stability, Creation of Divine Designs, Love! Acceptance, Courage & Clarity, Discernment.

This week we will find we have adjusted ourselves to the Sun now being in the Mercurial sign of Gemini. Since Wednesday you may have noticed yourself feeling amped, and pumped up with excess energy.

Dependant upon your own natal chart, this could have led to high stamina and in endurance in the physical where you felt like you could have done a double gym session.

Otherwise, your mental acuity was through the charts and your focus was so honed in any mental tasks were a breeze and completed with minimal energy output for a change.

Being a fellow Mercurial ruled, Virgo Sun myself, I fell into this second group, and accidentally pulled an all-nighter, and as a result learned how to use Corvid and do a bit of coding! It wasn’t till Friday evening, when I realised why it was so easy to be up and super switched on but, surprisingly calm! Haha!

Others of you may have felt paralysed by this charged energy so much so, it caused an internal overwhelm, you just needed to sleep through it to integrate the shift!

When tuning into the energy for this week I feel it is important to focus on bringing peace, balance and stability into your daily life. Realise that over-exerting yourself isn’t ideal at this time, or any time really. For many signs (except Gemini’s & Virgo’s) Gemini season is THE TIME to chill out!

Quite literally here in the Southern Hemisphere, and if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is slowly beginning to morph into Summer with the occasional sunnier than usual day. So enjoy it, all of it!

Whether you’re curled up by the fire of an evening in your comfiest of snuggly PJ’s/track pants, with a good book and your two or four-legged babies…… No babies, no worries! Perhaps a bold yet, smooth glass of Red and block of your fave dark chocolate is more your scene. Be present with it and gracious for it all.

OR If you’re doing your best to entice the sun out, grab a bunch of friends, some delish gourmet nibbles and go have a picnic in the park! Yes, this is a cheese and wine opportunity!! So make it the most! Bring your instrument of choice and play till dusk! Relax, enjoy the vibes and realise the “to-do stuff” will be there tomorrow.

Acceptance of being exactly where you are meant to be, in any given moment and at any point along your path, is really the key to being present and appreciating the moments for what they are. Memory makers and teachers.

As our Moon is transiting Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus this week, you may find it easier to tap into your more creative and intuitive aspects earlier this week. Use these energies to find clarity around something that’s been playing on your mind. Your discernment and inner knowing will identify where you will want to invest your energies in the coming weeks.

By mid-week you’ll be afforded the energy to get “it” done – what ever that means for you - through to Friday evening. We close out our week with Taurean energies, so if a rest is in order. Abide dude, you’ve earned it. Listen to your body, if you need the whole weekend to be a chill Sunday session, do it unapologetically!

With the lead up of energies into the New Moon at 12 Degrees Gemini, on Monday June 3rd, 2019 (20:01 AEST) you will need the rest, you will need to be balanced and stable.

As we will have the Sun and Moon in Conjunction making a Square Aspect to Jupiter Retrograde in the 11th House. Lending energies of wanting to be an individual, just not a solo individual, and making it hard to clarify just exactly what it is you do want across ALL of the aspects of your life. YET! At the same time wanting to save everyone from themselves whilst you’re trying to save yourself. PHEW! That’s a lot to take in, and that is only ONE aspect of the Chart explained! WOW!

So just a heads up, stay grounded beloved! And keep your eyes open for the New Moon Post!

As always, I hope this finds you well lovely one, make it an amazing week!

Blessings and be well



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