Weekly Energy Tip | WEEK 21

Dusting of the ash, Born anew....

Week 21: Dusting of t he ash, Born anew, Divine creation, Preparing solid foundations, *You are both teacher & Student!*

In the aftermath of the Scorpio Full Moon, Sunday may have left you feeling in a state of flux. And possibly a, “now what to do?” energy.

This may have caused some discomfort or overwhelm as now you have breached the threshold of sacred fears and desires; you have decided to no longer allow them to silently dictate your reality. This week is going to be the week you step forth into the new.

Our Moon transits Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius this week – affording you the energies to get a lot done with ease, grace and efficiency, if you allow, surrender into tasks as they arise. If you are being inundated, breathe and remind yourself, you are but ONE person. All will be done, just not all at once.

Be mindful not to bury yourself in your work in a way of avoiding the last remnants of releasing that will transpire as you shift into another integration phase. Make time for this on Thursday evening for yourself. Even if it is just 15 minutes of silence prior to your head hitting the pillow.

This week it would behoove you to revise your schedules and agendas. Look to create more time for yourself by setting realistic goals for each day and week. Revise priorities across the many aspects of your life. Friends, family, work, romantic relationships and most importantly, YOU! Your “TIME”, your health in general, and your emotional well-being.

This is especially important for Capricorns, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra and Scorpio.

Ensure there is balance within each area and weave them together to create a beautiful tapestry of work/life art for yourself.

The next couple of weeks we are setting precedents for ourselves and the new future we are bringing into reality. We are quite literally setting solid foundations for the framework to go up.

Therefore, make time to go within and clarify for yourself the direction you are heading. What will be required to get there? Is there a new course or line of “study” you’d like to research?

As evolved and consciously aware you feel yourself to be, never forget you are always learning. Every person we meet is either a teacher or student to us. It is the wise who know we are simultaneously both, at all times, and it is this state of innerstanding in which the most growth can be obtained throughout our lives. Go within this week and be real with yourself, without judgement. Ask yourself: What are the things I wish to learn to further advance my development?

I am hearing as I write this “What do you mean, make time? Create time?” to address this, we must first understand, time is a man-made constraint, designed in order to control the masses. Time, as illusory as it is, can be played with, bent, stretched, erased and so forth. It is your perspective toward time which requires adjustment. A very easy way in which you can learn to observe and play with time, is to cease temporarily, as a game, the one thing you notice eats up a lot of your “time”.

An example is binge watching TV after work or on the weekends. There is no judgement here darling, I was a Queen TV Series binger LOL and freaking Loved it!!! Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Dexter (what a disappointing finale that was!!) and Breaking Bad, and I could quite easily smash out a season or more in a day HAHA!

When you stop, even for a short period of time, TV, or limit your time spent on social media, you notice just HOW MUCH “time” there is in a day. More to the point, there is a positive increase in your mood.

Making it easier to focus on the task at hand, no matter how many there are, and your work can be completed more efficiently. I hope this helps.

Divine creations are most definitely going to be making themselves heard from within your heart and Soul this week, so listen beloved. The reason this idea, desire and pull towards beginning a new project, business, business model, video, blog, product will not go away. Is because it is you who is to bring it into this reality.

Trust your innate intuitive knowing, reshape your paradigms to align with these new desires and reality. Lean into the edge and dig-deep. When you start to feel the fear, you’ve found the green-light towards your highest time-line. Now is the time to push through and reclaim your divinity.

As always, I hope this finds you well lovely one, make it an amazing week!

Blessings and be well



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