Weekly Energy Tip | WEEK 18


WEEK 18: Completion of phases, Clearing old energies, Making way for the "new" to enter! **Owning your innate divine power & purpose!**

We are starting this week with the Moon in Aquarius, fixed Uranian Air energy. Thus, emotionally we can find ourselves viewing our worlds through a detached and pragmatic lens.

This evening Saturn stations at 22:55 AEST (+10 UTC) in Capricorn for 24 hours before proceeding Retrograde. (Blog Post up soon!)

Providing the energies to end karmic patterns and phases. Behavioral patterns too of people pleasing and pushing us toward that which makes us feel better about ourselves and the lives we are creating for ourselves.

Clearing out the old energies, people, places, situations and things that are no longer in alignment. When we do this, we are automatically making space for the new and aligned energies to move in. Supporting us on our paths and direction toward our purpose from a realistic heart-felt stand point.

Now we are firmly in the grounded fixed earth energy of Taurus season we can slow down and create from a centred balance place within. You may have felt this past week crawled by compared to the preluding weeks. This is Taurus energy. Cool, calm, collected and wisely decisive prior to moving forward. Just ensure that you are surrendering to the Universe and it’s commanding you to let go.

Let go of your apprehensions you have surrounding movement forward. Let go of your doubts. Let go of things you are clinging to that are not to your highest good. These can be people, places things, habits, addictions, however, belief systems are high up on this list and under the microscope for many now too.

The Bull’s stubbornness and counter energy of Scorpio at this time can make it harder to let go than usual. Especially as Aries in Chiron is adding to the self-doubt of the ability within to progress forward.

Allow the energies of cosmic chaos to wash over you. Do not pay too much mind to them, as innately and intuitively you already know in your heart the direct you want to head. Surrender yourself to the Universe showing you the path of least resistance. If you do not know what you want in your future, or are still finding clarity on the details, the energies will support you in tuning into your divine self. If you prioritise the time to do so.

This week it's time to implement the changes and projects you've been procrastinating on.

Tap into your resourcefulness and do the research to find the information required to remove the block. The only time is now, ad infinitum. So, switch your focus from yesterday and tomorrow. Take action where it is required. Opening up this state within yourself will show you, you can get things done if only you stop thinking about doing it and actually, do it.

Also, I’m not sure who out there needs to hear this right now, but someone needs a nice long soak in an aromatic bath, with candles, lots of candles!! Enjoy beloved!

Take time to tune into your higher self this week, and let your heart and head lead a balanced way to your new existence and way of being.

As always, I hope this finds you well lovely one, have an amazing week! Blessings and be well.



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