Weekly Energy Tip | WEEK 15

Divine Balance.....

Week 15: Divine Balance, Peaceful Change, Clarity, Centre/Zero Point, Universal Receptivity *Love Unconditional*

As I was feeling into this week, a reoccurring theme of balance kept coming in. Seeking, finding & maintaining balance. Within our energies, within our habits & behaviours. Most importantly our work/life balance & exchange in relationships (romantic and non).

Divine balance – balance within of our Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine energies.

Peaceful change – can only occur with a balanced approach.

Clarity appears when our hearts and minds reach balance, falling into alignment.

Our centre/zero point is the state of being in balance.

The result of being in balance affords us the ability to be in universal receptivity. Open to the new, open to receive, open to expansion. NO judgement.

Equating to, of course, love unconditional. Love in its purest form.

The message for this week is to step back, breathe and assess where you have been pushing yourself out of balance and alignment. Yes, we want to break through blockages and forge forward on our paths – understand this is still possible from a balanced state.

The only difference, you will be calm within, peaceful within. Remove the word “busy” from your vocabulary. Busy does not imply productive. It implies and alludes to disorganised rushing about, inefficient multi-tasking and incomplete projects.

It’s our conditioned thinking “busy-ness” equates to “productive” paradigm that needs to shift.

Productivity is not created from a place of high stress and anxiety. Nor need it to be.

Productivity is smooth, efficient, calm, balanced, and comes easily when we are in alignment with the task at hand. Do not mistake this in any way shape or form for being SLOW either. Speed does not equate to productivity. This new paradigm I am introducing you to, will allow you to work from a space of clarity, your zero point, where you are impenetrable to external stressors.

These last few weeks and the ensuing cosmic madness has made me personally pause in some respects. Reassess HOW I want to live my life, and not just in a life-style capacity and what I am amid creating for the collective community & my future. More importantly surrounding what precedent do I wish to set for myself regarding how I want to FEEL in my life on a day-to-day basis.

The conclusion for me personally, is peace, calm, balance, happiness, joy and in soul alignment. Whilst simultaneously being driven and productive in my creative expression and output for the collective community.

I encourage you to join me in living from this space. It’s beautiful once you get comfy.

This year is the year for growth and expansion on all levels of self. Psychologically, mentally, spiritually and physically. Tune in to your higher self and FEEL your way to your new existence and way of being.

As always, I hope this finds you well lovely one, have an amazing week!

Blessings and be well.



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