Visions from Source of what is to come...

2020 the grandest illusion ever

I wanted to have completed my article before posting this video - however my guides have been showing me these "quarantine" scenes for the past 6 months. And I got the push to get it out TODAY!

So an ad-hoc intro/explanation - which I will provide as more guidance comes in updates on this scenario.

The injection they wish to give you is not only a lethal job - it is a trap.

If you survive it. You will be forced into the Quarantine/Concentration Camps they have built as you - the "VACCINATED" - are now the biohazard to the communities at large.

From there I can only speculate they will turn these into some sort of sweat shop environment.

Ensuring all the "cogs" on their consumerist economy wheel stay in place and keep earning for them.

I recorded this video as my Guides, & God, Source, Creator have been giving me the vision of the stadium scenes over and over and over again.

And today (20 August 2021 @ 10:00 AEST) there have now been reports of plans to abuduct children from their Schools to a mass vaccination facility to be injected.

This cannot be allowed to happen. This injection will either kill or maime anyone. As it crosses the blood-brain barrier, and will cause severe learning and cognitive difficulties IF the jabbed person survives from the immediate side-effects, or covulsions, or massive cardio myocarditis (inflamation of the heart).

This jab is a DNA experiment. It ireversably alters the mRNA (messenger Ribonucleic acid) of the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) within the cells.

The spike protiens are what give this jab a three year expiry - providing plausible deniability - as they multiply and as a culmative effect of blocking not ateries, capillaries. (Smaller than ateries) throughout the entire body.

This is not a speculation. This is scientific fact thousands of Doctors around the world are being silenced from speaking.

You can watch this short video here for a detailed explanation from a professional (This video has since been taken down a few hours after posting)

Please refer to this video instead -

At the end of this clip, below, I did add in the "happy ending" of what we would all like to see at the end of our Nuremberg 2.0 trials too (I've been given dates on when this will be occuring too)

Please feel free to share this if you find value and merit in it.

I do not want to fuel the fear-porn the MSM is pushing however I remained silent last February when I was receving visions of what was to come. And I no longer wish to do that, especially as I know I am not alone in seeing and knowing what is coming.

Blessings to all - We the People will win this war.

As we are of Love. Love is truth. And Love always wins.

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Full Moon in Aquarius article & Uranus Retrograde articles to come!

Amanda L Darch

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