The Real Virus

And how we can fight it with unity

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Unedited writings from 14th April 2020

Peace, Love, Unity, One Consciousness
Art Credit: 'cocoparisienne' via Pixabay - Edit: Zarah Wolf

My $3.33 on the realities being experienced during this time.

Over the course of the past six to eight weeks I have been in and out of an observation mode. There have been days here and there where I have voluntarily stepped into many of the available rabbit holes that declare their version of truth. Not so much on a quest to “decide” on what I “believe,” more so to understand the many viewpoints that are flooding social media.

Then there have been many days on end where I completely disconnect from social and pull my energy and awareness back to self. Spending these days play my guitar and sing for hours on end, reading books or writing. A way of processing, recalibrating, recentering and remembering what the most important things in life truly are. Not only for myself, for everyone and for our futures. For each and every single one of us riding out – what I can only best describe as, a shit storm, quite frankly.

The main theme that keeps appearing to me throughout all of this, and what I am seeing on my Facebook feed especially, is DIVISION. Or the beginnings of DIVISION.

With all of the information; reports, news, misinformation, false news, mass media hype, and propaganda, whatever label you want to stick on it, we are consuming. We are then SHARING in the hopes of CONNECTING with those who “believe” the same sub-plots. What we are inadvertently doing is the exact OPPOSITE to one another.

We are creating our own “Us vs Them” however, I am seeing this in many conversation threads amongst various people who I have known for them to be friends. Very dear friends, until all of this unfolded.

This breaks my heart – and deeply concerns me for all those involved in these types of quarrels.

I felt guided to write and speak into this because it reminded me of a time, about five years ago now, when I lost a very dear friend, an amazing fucking warrior woman who I didn’t realise until afterward was a soul sister (as I had no clue about all of that back then). And the reasons I lost her from my life, was all due to my own inability SEE let alone ACCEPT her perspective, ACCEPT her in HER TOTALITY, and love her all the more for it, WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.

Having experienced this and the pain it caused, I encourage you all to review the connections you feel are most strained right now due to conflicting beliefs on what is occurring. And ultimately that is what this comes down to, is belief, because no matter what you read or watch online about the events unfolding around the globe; one thing I have noticed is that all perspectives, opinions, theories, and news broadcasts are riddled with HALF-TRUTHS. It is that plain and simple.

Personally, I am not going to love you any less nor am I going to judge you for believing whatever it is in your heart or logical mind to believe. As that is the truth you have chosen; who am I, or is anyone, to tell another on what they “SHOULD” or “SHOULD NOT” believe?

Let alone exile or ostracise them from their circle, group, fold or tribe based on their beliefs. This is the only cognitive dissonance being spread right now; the love of our friends and family being jaded or extinguished because of opposing “beliefs”.

Please do not confuse this with the setting of healthy boundaries. That is not what this sharing is about. Thusly, also refrain from labelling others as ‘toxic,’ ‘base,’ ‘low vibrational,’ or any other derogatory “Spiritual” label (an unfortunate, yet real paradox) simply because they do not agree with your beliefs.

This sharing is to remind you all that WE ARE ALL ONE. REGARDLESS OF OUR BELIEFS. We are all doing our best at this time to traverse the tsunami wash and I encourage you all to remember this when you are scrolling your social feeds.

It only takes a moment of discernment to realise if another is posting or commenting out of fear, hurt, frustration or anger. Pause yourself and really think before reacting to anything, any posts or comments whatever, online. Just take a moment, take a deep breath and ask; is it going to serve anyone by adding to this heated discussion or injecting my own opinion here?

I really cannot express how much I lovingly encourage you all to practice acceptance, non-judgement, and unconditional love to all your families & friends during this time. Blood, Soul & tribe! Use this time to develop, nurture, strengthen and deepen BONDS - NOT RIFTS - with those you care for and love most.

Share supportive, funny or loving posts, videos and music on your social feeds and in private messages – it is bad enough for many of you when we are being forced into a time of physical distancing, as this alone can be detrimental to ones health – so ensure the connections remain consistent with one another.

As always, use your discernment to find your own truth amongst all of this, and detach yourself from the need for others to believe your truth for it to be valid. And if you don’t know what that is or looks like yet, that is ok too.

If you’ve got this far in reading, thank you for still being here, I hope you got something out of it.

Be well and take care of you beloved!

With unconditional love, always,

Zarah Wolf

P.S. Please do not ask me in the comments what my personal opinions are on this topic, as that was not what this sharing was about. Plus, Stevie Nicks said it best, when she sang, “I keep my visions to myself.”

14th April 2020

*Addendum: I will no longer be silent during what I can only see to be a war on our intelligences, our awareness, our consciousness, and our freedoms! In the now and for our, and our children’s futures, and for generations to come!

It is time the frog jumped out of the warming water!!