The Cancer New Moon ~Take II

~ As Above, so below. As within, so without - Sekhmet is guiding you ~

21st July 2020 03:32 AEST (+10 UTC)

28° 26’ in the 2nd House of Taurus/Venus

Moon begins Void of Course: 03:55 AEST 21 July 2020

The energies of this New Moon in Cancer began on Friday afternoon for me. I could feel the vibes growing nearer and stronger and my guides were telling me on Sunday;

“Get organised up to the 22nd July.”

I did what I could however, was overcome the Cancerian waters. Even though I am Natally a Cancer Ascendant (conj North Node @ 10° - 0° 32’ applying) I honestly can feel like I am drowning in Cancerian Moon energy like the rest of you at times. Especially if there are funky-ass aspects to Neptune or Mercury.

The reasons I delayed this article were because I wanted to ensure I was not projecting my crap on to all of you who may read this. Chiron is retrograding conj Mars – opposing my third house Mercury Saturn Pluto conjs in Libra) and my wounding surrounding my homelife, family & relationships in general are being hit big time right now along with everyone else.

So I digress. After triple checking my “potentiality for projection” and feeling comfortable – read, trusting spirit - that what I had scribbled in my note book for this article, was exactly what the collective needed to hear.

Here it is verbatim for you all to feel into & perhaps set intentions on this evenings Moon – now in Leo and it makes so much sense why I was put on hold.

Sekhmet came through on Sunday for this New Moon. Sekhmet is an elegant Egyptian Goddess with the head of a Lion. Akin to the powerful healing and restorative energies of the Sun. Her name can be transcribed to mean “she who is powerful” or “the one before whom evil trembles.” Sekhmet’s medicine & wisdom she offers is to channel the intensity of emotions into that which is beautiful, joyful, creative, expressive & free.

She reminds us that we need to learn to be comfortable in embracing our shadows & destructive natures, in order to protect the light within all. By bringing conscious awareness to the harbouring of our true emotions – and occasionally perceived negative ones – through fear of non-acceptance, judgement or exile, we can overcome & work through our blockages, self-imposed or not, by releasing these fears. One at a time, piece by piece.

Surrender, to allow it unfold with each acknowledgement of the judgements and fears of our own powerful emotions, not so easily or readily embraced. That of anger, rage, and or resentment. All of these emotions have simply been misunderstood opportunities for deeper healing, for they have been feared to be fully expressed. Missed opportunities at reclaiming our power from the situations causing these emotions & learning how to channel them for divine creative expressions & co-creations.

Avoidant behaviour toward expressing anger or rage - due to external conditioning, abuse, programming, or perhaps you are naturally more gentle, and tender hearted – will at times prove more difficult, or perhaps feel incredibly uncomfortable and near impossible until you have cracked the shell. Be patient and do not fear your anger. It is primal and necessary and has the ability to reawaken truths long since forgotten.

With Chiron retrograding conjuct Mar in a Square to Mercury – and the not mentioned conjunction to the Fixed Star Procyon, this further adds fuel to the inferno with it’s vexatious, tendencies of burning it all away from within.

This fierce Mother energy is awaiting to be cleanse & release us from the wounds of betrayal, heartbreak & abandonment. Not only from others and self in this incarnation. From prior incarnations & our ancestral lineages, blood & Soul. This is not a light and fluffy Cancerian Mother gently bathing her baby. This is a Mother on a mission to heal all with whom she is connected, across all time and space.

This is the Mother coming to tend the scars and opened, healed and freshly cut wounds, since December 2017. She has come to ensure you know where you are heading. You know who you are and you have cleansed all doubt from your being.

That quote is coming to mind as I finish this;

“When we step into the fire, only what we are not burns away.”

Unsure if that is verbatim, however it gave me chills as I wrote it. So I trust it will be received as intended.

Make a sacred space for yourself this evening. Light a candle. Collect some items you feel represent the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Do not doubt your intuitions on these. What will be required will be the first things that come to mind.

And as you use your breath to ground yourself down into your heart space. Setting the intention that all that is to be written and prayed for and invoked upon – will be in the highest good, not only of yourself and your family, ensure it will be of the highest good of all of humanity at this time. Attune to your heart beloved and trust in its guidance, always.

I hope you have enjoyed this incredibly brief article and it has offered some solace and guidance for this New Moon. Apolgies it is brief again, usual precendents will be back in place for the Full Moon.

Please feel free to share this – and any of my articles - amongst those you love.

There is as usual below, a generalised list of Zodiac so at a glance you can see which House will be your focus for personal releasing and intention setting. Along with a link for a free natal chart for a more accurate indication.

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Be well Brothers & Sisters.

Blessings to you all, and to all beings, always.

Zarah Wolf


Aries Sun/ Ascendant: 4th House – Ruled by Cancer/the Moon

Taurus Sun/ Ascendant: 3rd House – Ruled by Gemini/Mercury