Saturn Pluto conjunction

~ Mr Nabob's Wonderland of Oz ~

Saturn Pluto Jupiter Conjunction in Capricorn: between July 2nd 2020 – December 17th 2020

Jupiter will be in and out of this dance as it will be Stationing Direct September 12th

Pluto in Capricorn: November 27th, 2008 until March 23rd, 2023

Saturn in Capricorn: December 20th, 2017 until December 17th, 2020

Jupiter in Capricorn: December 2nd, 2019 until December 19th, 2020

This article was born of a channelled message I received back in late March whilst out camping in the forest alone. “The flip is coming.” The day I received this message? Saturday March 22nd the very day Saturn left Capricorn this year, and only recently did this fact come into my awareness.

It wasn’t until merely days away from the end of Taurus Season did the title come through – which originally was “Mr. Moneypenny’s Wonderland of Oz” however, as often it occurs, another intuitive in the community started discussing how world events are very much inter-related and correspond to the board-game Monopoly. So in order to ensure I am not an echo. I asked Spirit for another title, and refrained from reading or listening to others opinions on this transit, I did happen to come across some one who confirmed this date for me, after deliberately staying away from his platform this past week*. I had to Google what ‘Nabob’ was and as per usual it could not be more apt for what I am to include in this article.

Much is overlooked by many with this conjunction. As I am of a very Mercurial mind, I break things down, and then break it down again, and sometimes, once more for good measure from a different angle, if I feel it is required.

The channelled messages I received about this triple conjunction were for the dates of 28th June and 29th June. I found this particularly interesting as technically Saturn has not yet transited “back” into Capricorn by this time. It will still be in the last minutes of Aquarius, until 09:37 AEST (+10 UTC) July 2nd 2020. However my guides were adamant “the flipping” will begin on this day.

Last year when we had the South Node join this trio, much was left unseen, hidden, and very much underworld type of energies of deception, very Scorpionic in the way of delusion/illusionary story creating and believing of said “realities”. This year is the very opposite of that energy, and ignoring truths, realities, or the inner realms seems to be a choice many are making. They are choosing to remain blind the macro vista unfolding.

Side note: This isn’t to cast shade on Scorpio as a Zodiac sign. This is just a truthful account of the shadow aspect and archetype of this sign. A native with strong Scorpionic placements may have difficulties in letting go, or of seeing the truth of a matter, simply because their feeling bodies and intuitions can be so deeply and strongly felt, they are perceived as “real” regardless of the discerned “reality.” Therefore, disconnecting them from the truth that all feelings are subjective. This can then make the native Scorpion ingest their own poison so to speak, if they do not let go of the wound and heal it. This energy often plays out in all of our lives at some stage.

The simplest and most concise analogy I have for this is; remember the first time you experienced unrequited love? How it took you a minute to realise it’s natural the other person may not feel the same way? Sometimes a native Scorpion can build this type of scenario into an unhealthy attachment or obsessive nature. Every single Zodiac has it’s own shadow archetypes to work through, integrate and transcend. The more accepting we are of the existence of our shadows on the whole, the more authentic we can become.

I digress. The nature of Saturn Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn when pulled apart as individuals can be seen in my earlier articles here.

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As my writing style is that of a straight up channel – much of what has been written in these articles has already come to pass, or may soon enough.

Saturn in Capricorn it is home. In it’s ruling Zodiac. Earthy, strict, cunning, hardworking, with tendencies to be manipulative, as their motto is “I use.” The Father of the Zodiac comes to bear witness to all those “I’m going to….” “I should do….” “I want to do…..” moments. As some would call Kronos the God of Time and thus Karma – asks you directly and without compassion “Have you done the work to achieve what you said you were going to?” It is the hard task master of the planets and it rules the ‘medium coelum’ or ‘coeli’ the MC in the natal chart, the tenth house, that of Career, success and occasionally fame or public recognition, pending the Zodiacal and if there are any planetary placements within.

This Saturn return to Capricorn will be coming back into the third decan of Capricorn, ruled by Mercury, and fifth and fourth, termini, confines, more commonly known as ‘bounds’. In laymen’s terms; each 30° of a zodiac sign is divided into portions of 10° in the duodecimal system of equal houses, called Decantes.

In the Egyptian Bounds “Egyptian sages (Nechepso and Petosiris?) used the bounds in order to determine the Master of the Nativity, and then from this to determine the length of life. He then goes on to list how many years of life each planet gives when it becomes the operative planet in the length of life technique.”** The Fifth Bound (30°-27°) is ruled by Mars, and the Fourth Bound (26°-22°) is ruled by Saturn.

The reason this is of importance to understand, is that whilst this one placement and tiny 8° Rx transit of Saturn has it’s own fathom of undercurrents at play. As too does Pluto and Jupiter, already being in the fourth bound and will touch on the third bound ruled by Venus prior to completing it’s Retrograde transit.

Furthermore Mars – the ruler of the fifth bound - will have transited through the heavy final degrees of Pisces and be in it’s domicile dignified position in Aries. It has made it home and as I am writing this, I just heard “and it’s ready to rumble”. This is the theme of the message of this article. Global and personal revolution and change has begun, yes. However far more is coming.

The first six months of 2020 was the test of your metal. It was the warm up session, so how limber are your vocals to sing along to the rest of the symphony in the 2020 tune? Mars rules war, so whilst we may not be seeing bombs dropping from the sky circa 1914 when Saturn Pluto and Jupiter conjunct one month prior to World War One beginning. We are living in a War which is an attack on our Consciousness. This manifesting into a physical War within the coming year or two, really isn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination.

Pluto as you know is the ruler of the underworld and the non-traditional ruler of Scorpio. Thus with the heavy Mars placements I feel this Scorpionic energy will override that of the Earthy Saturnian and Firey Jupitarian energies. If my intuition is correct and a part of me is hoping I will be wrong. What we are about to enter into as a Collective – whether you are conscious, or not – will quite literally restructure the paradigms you have held for the majority of your life. And the consequences will not be revealed until after this transit has concluded in December. Intuitively the flips that will occur are going to be double edged swords. As they often are.

Jupiter the ruler of our current South Node place holder of Sagittarius. Revisited after 19 years. What happened in the close out of South Node in Capricorn which changed the future of Air travel and flights security etc? Tragedy of 9-11. And by October 14th when the Nodes shifted into Gemini and Sag (North & South respectively) a month later the TSA was rewritten as a consequence. Jupiter is that of expansion, adventure, travel, diving into new cultures and all they have on offer, tasting everything life has to offer. Yes, this is a simplistic summary. However, Jupiter is also the planet that gives us the potential for volatile energy of volcanic calibres. Think temper tantrum – I’m seeing a child getting upset over loosing the board game and throwing the game across the room. Simply because they’d rather not deal with the emotions. This is one of the shadow aspects of Sag, a native would rather not discuss matters of the heart. Period. They’d much rather just get on with life and seek out the next adventure. Again, over simplified, however, this is getting lengthy!

So to jump into it, here are some of the channelled messages and dates I have received when researching the Astrology this year thus far.

Please note, I am not a professional Astrologer, yet, however I am one at heart. My knowledge of Astrology is always growing, and perusing charts and ephermerides have become a Divination tool. Also, these Channelled messages are not specific to Australia, they are for the Globe, as with all of my articles.

The first flip will occur or be known by 18:00 AEST 28