Pluto Retrograde | April 2019 | Transformation on Pause?

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(7 mins including 'Pluto Rx through the Houses')

Pluto Stationing 24th April, 2019 for 24 hours

Retrograding 25th April, 2019 @ 16:48 AEST (+10 UTC)

not Stationing to turn Direct until 3rd October, 2019.

Greek God Hades, God of the Underworld. Seated on his throne with his dog Cerberus, a mythic three-headed dog.

Pluto represents the God Hades, God of the Underworld and ruler of Scorpio and the eight House, is of all things powerful.

Think massive change, death, destruction, Phoenix-rising levels of transformation, sex, money, the occult, will power, control, recycling, inheritance, dictatorships and other subterranean things like crime and corruption.

Plutonian energy will have all people, places, things, situations, events, finances and institutional regulatory bodies, under audit/review and up for sharp scrutiny. Pluto will remain here in Capricorn, not leaving for good until November 18th 2024.

Pluto is one of the slowest moving outer planets, taking 248 days to orbit the Sun and remains in a single Zodiac sign anywhere from 12 to 32 years, where he will dip in and out of Aquarius briefly through this particular transit.

It was when Pluto shifted into Capricorn January 25, 2008 that sparked the recession. The time before that, was 1762 – 1778 when the United States was founded by the signing of the US Declaration of Independence. Thus, Pluto tiny in scale comparatively to his cosmic cousins, his energies are most certainly anything but!

Pluto going retrograde is not the end of the world though, so fear not. Yes, it can and may cause some disruption in your life however, not all things are continuously in a state of growth. Just as plants wither and die away, in the fall/autumn in preparation for the follow seasons of regeneration and blossoming. We too need this similar pause and breather for reflection. Rewinding and integration, collecting our resources and arming ourselves for the next phase of growth and radical transformation.

Use this time to look back and appreciate the rapid spurts of transformation you have been going through these last six months. I bet you your life has markedly changed in one way, or many others. Whether it be something physical, like a relocation of home, or career, or relationship. It could be that your mindset and world view and life philosophy has changed.

This is review time for you on a deeper level. It is time to ask yourself, am I where I want to be? Have I arrived to where it is I was heading six months ago? Look to your personal goals and ambitions in your life and what it is you wish to create for the future. You now have the next six months to review, revise and start making a plan of attack for when Pluto goes direct October 4th, 2019 (Stationing October 3rd, for 24 hours)

Now please note, this does not mean your transformation and growth journeys are put on pause. What it does mean however, is with Pluto being in Capricorn and Conjunct Saturn and the Moon – the energy output required for the massive changes you seek are going to need to be amped up a touch, to attain the same results. Which until the retrograde, seemed to flow in easily and occur almost automatically if, you’re one who has learned the art of surrendering and letting go. Not a Scorpions strong suit, might I add.

With the Rx transit happening in conjunction to Saturn and the Moon, relationships with family and close friends are also going to be a little tense and up for review/negotiation. A heads up, if you find yourself getting ticked off quite easily by in-laws or relatives on the regular maybe limit the time spent interacting. Or if this is unavoidable, when conflict arises, be aware and STOP. Breathe, count to at least five or ten before responding. See how I said “responding” there, and not reacting?! This is going to be a key bit of advice for the next couple of months especially.

If you would like to personalise how Pluto Retrograde will affect you. Look to your natal chart to see which house it resides in. This will give you a better understanding of where your personal microscope will be. Included below are intuitive insights into what this may mean for each of the House placements at this time.

The take away for you if you are feeling these energies in an extremity is to observe with discernment and a balanced and fair judgement, be patient with yourself and others. Keeping in mind Mars in still in Gemini in a Square to Neptune. This placement with these aspects, influences the energies in such a way that may have you feeling a sense of urgency to find clarity, however until Mars transits closer to Uranus the answers will remain just beyond your grasp. So let go and surrender to this. Knowing, this will not last forever, there is no urgency, and clarity is on its way. You will find there are still avenues for growth and expansion, it just may take a higher perspective for the next few months. So enjoy the view!

As always, I hope this finds you incredibly well beloved.

Continue below for Pluto Rx through the Houses.

If this resonates or has provided clarity and solace, drop a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings, always.



Pluto Rx through the Houses:

Pluto in the 1st House/Ascendant: Ruled by Aries/Mars. Incredible determination to succeed, and control all aspects of your life and transformation. May have you feeling like you’ve stopped in your tracks. Trust me you haven’t, you’ve just slowed to an unusual pace for your high-energetic self. This is a time to view your life and goals from a higher perspective for the net best route to your desired goal.

Pluto in the 2nd House: Ruled by Taurus/Venus. Motivated by money, freedom and power. Now may be a good time to redo your budget and watch you spending. Especially with Uranus in your sign and Saturn about to Rx at the end of the month. Spending in all aspects, think of where you are exerting your time and energy and revise if this is giving you the desired outcome.

Pluto in the 3rd House: Ruled by Gemini/Mercury. Penetrating insight into self and others. Pluto Rx will afford you the time to reflect and review how much you have transformed and where. Asking yourself, what’s next? Anything you dare to dream is the answer, the skies are not just the limit, they are the destination. Therefore utilise this time to review action plans and goals. Careful with sibling and family relationships at this time also, as they may feel strained.

Pluto in the 4th House/IC: Ruled by Cancer/ the Moon. Your home is your castle and renovations are a periodic occurrence on even the smallest level. Difficulties within family relationships, abusive relationships are indicated with this natal chart placement. If this is the case for you, look to where you have transformed some of these relationships and take solace in knowing they are under constant evolution. Pluto Rx is affording you a chance to revise your boundaries and perhaps even set some in place!

Pluto in the 5th House: Ruled by Leo/ the Sun. Your lion heart and deep expression of creativity, love and protective nature of all those whom you love, can border into possessiveness and a clinging to outdated belief systems and or situations. Pluto Rx may have you relinquishing some of these negative aspects and affording you new perspective on your ideas surrounding relationship. This is a good time to invest wisely, conservatively, if at all, in all aspects of your life. Not limited to finances either, think of your time and energy also.

Pluto in the 6th House: Ruled by Virgo/Mercury. Intensely passionate about finding the most efficient way to get things done and helping people better their own lives. Pluto Rx will assist you in accepting other peoples help in your endeavours, loosening up your take-charge attitude affording you a little down time, knowing not all responsibility is on your shoulders.