MOON ASTROLOGY | 'The Cold' Full Moon

at Zero Degrees in Cancer

Sunday, 23rd December, 2018 @ 04:48 AEDT (+11 UTC)

'The Cold' Cancer Full Moon | Insta Post

Astrology & Moon Magick especially for you!! A channelled message...

Since the Full Moon in Gemini (23/11/2018) the energies have left a lot of us floating in a cerebral state of flux. The dust had only just begun to settle from Venus turning direct from her Retrograde (Rx) when the Moon shifted into the heavy Mercurial sign of Gemini (the ruling planet of Virgo too).

Whilst Venus was in Rx (5/10/2018 – 15/11/2018) this time forced us to take a very real and honest inventory on not only our love and relationships but, where we place value in our lives. (This affected each of us differently as it is largely dependent upon which house Venus resides in your own personal natal chart)

Only to be thrown into a Mercury Rx with no respite, so from an astrological stand-point, we have been through somewhat of a hurricane season.

Just like a spinning Mario Kart, we were flung straight into the drawback of the archers bow with our Sun firmly in Sagittarius alongside Jupiter (only degrees out of an orb of conjunction). This is making an aspect to Neptune and Mars both in Pisces.

This was forcing us to act on escaping the mundane and expanding our consciousness and awareness of the “reality” we find ourselves in yet! With the accompanying Mars energy, we found ourselves lacking either the physical energy and or motivation to be assertive when finding ourselves in such unchartered waters.

There has been no absolute relief just yet from the battle of thoughts vs action. Ready to move forward on our new road but the direction is still clouded.

The sense of urgency is quickly building to a crescendo as we are getting closer and closer to 2019.

Which has only caused us to feel cornered and pushed at the same time. Of course, this results in many of us digging our heels in to resist this change and therefore many of us are refusing to surrender and are blocking our blessings as we come to terms with our lack of control in some areas of our lives.

The energies over the last five days, as the Moon has slowly transited toward our Cardinal Water sign of Cancer, have afforded us daily peeks at the clarity in which we had been seeking the last three weeks. Unveiled piece by piece.

The fog lifts today for many of us, as we have begun Capricorn season. We are dipping our toe into the Cardinal Earth energies. This combined with Cardinal Water tends to have us focused on creating stability. Both Capricorn and Cancer are creators, Capricorn likes to put concrete plans into action surrounding status, finance and family and Cancer likes to create stability of home, family and of course, love.

So for tomorrow’s Full Moon at Zero Degrees Cancer, get your crystals ready for cleansing, start making a little list (even if it’s just in your mind) of the intentions and goals you want to set and reaffirm going into 2019.

AND if Moon Rituals are your thing, take note; You have up until 01:50 AEDT (+11 UTC) on December 25th when the Moon will be Void of Course. So, you have plenty of time if you wanted to complete more than one!! YAY!

Some ideas with Cancer being “the Mum” of the Zodiac, keywords for this Full Moon are NURTURING, DREAMS, INSPIRATION, HOME, SELF-CARE, FOOD and BOUNDARIES. As with all Full Moons, it is time to acknowledge, assess, accept, end and or adjust. Collectively I am feeling these seven key words should be the focus for many of us setting intentions and such.

Dot point some things on each of these key areas for yourself then ask the following;

Do I want …………… to come forward with me through this next Moon cycle? And ultimately into 2019?

What would I like to change about………….? And how?


Does this …………….. serve me and my highest good?

(If the answer’s a NO, you already know what I am going to tell you to do with that. BIN IT!! The more “rubbish” we remove from our lives – physical and metaphorical – the more space is created to allow far better things in!)

If there has been anything you’ve been putting off doing, I would say now is the time. Wrap up as many loose ends and projects as you can leading in to 2019. Start fresh new projects, create new and exciting goals going forward as 2019 will be a THREE Universal Year. (Follow-up post on that next week.)

We should treat this Full Moon being at Zero degrees, as a launching pad into the futures we want to create for ourselves. There is no dream TOO big! EVER!

Golden Rule to Remember; if the goal and or dream doesn’t scare you, even the tiniest little bit, think BIGGER!! Smash that glass ceiling and keep going!! HELL! Wave to the Moon as you pass it by!

Remember, the more we are in a state of flow with the cosmos, the more it conspires to align us with our desires!!

Happy Manifesting Moon Lovers!!!

With Divine light, always

Zarah Wolf


Full Moon Healing

For some of us the Full Moon can be a trying time as we are not used to Watery icky-ness of emotional waves. If you’re already along your healing journey, you’ll already know how much baths and even a good long shower can help to shift the emotional debris that have been stirred during the week in the lead up to the Moon.

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