MOON ASTROLOGY | Pisces New Moon

at 15 degrees 47 minutes

Thursday 7th March 03:04 AEDT (+11 UTC)

Pisces New Moon | Chart Wheel & Aspects (see below for interpretation)

This New Moon isn’t really one of those ordinary intention setting/manifestation Moons.

This particular New Moon, with the surrounding planetary aspects is about completing and releasing our personal Karmic cycles and patterns.

We specifically needing to focus on the years 2000 and 2010 then, on top of that we are wanting to look back to August 2018 when Uranus went Rx.

Situations, experiences and lessons have re-emerged due to the Planets, most heavily influenced by Saturn, of course; being Cronos the God of Time and the North Node return into Cancer, last visited 2000.


Due to all of these aspects we have to this New Moon calls for us all to go within and be our own Guru and face our fears and Shadow selves. Encouraging us to be brutally honest with ourselves and demanding we take action where it is required. We all know that’s what the last three months have been about, there’s just been a bunch of procrastination as, let’s face it, fear & Shadow work can suck balls. BUT, not if we surrender, let go of control and flow.

I figure I can go kicking and screaming into it each time by forcing the Universe to bring down Tower moments OR I can calmly accept what needs to be let go of, stride right on in, prepared for whatever is thrown at me and for whatever it takes to shed the next layer revealing more of my true self.

The New Moon energy is complimented by Piscean Waters making it easier for us to FEEL, so have a salt bath with candles all around, glass of chilled coconut water (as Potassium is great for the Heart Chakra) and begin finding within what needs to be acknowledged, accepted, healed, transmuted and most importantly RELEASED.

In doing so, we can begin integrating our newly transformed selves in preparation to step forth into the new Astrological year beginning 20th March, when the Sun moves into Aries**, and own the rest of 2019! So now is the time lovely ones, Let that shit go! You know it’s only holding you back!

Each new healing opportunity becomes easier to face, when it appears, trust me. I’ve been on this road a while now, and have healed a lot. I did it again in January (check out the posts with the pics of trees) and have already a plan in place as of yesterday afternoon, so I have a weeks worth of integration before the 20th March. So don’t be shy, dive hella deep and when you are revealed victorious to yourself, put your arms out to the Universe, offer unconditionally loving gratitude & shout NNNEEEXXXT! See you on the other side.

I hope this finds you well beloved.

Be fiercely kind to yourself, be well.




**Aries; Side note, this is why I have previously mentioned to wait until this date before attempting to clear up and miscommunications or issues with others.

THE MAJOR ASPECTS (sans House placements)

With the New Moon falling at 15 degrees Pisces, this results in the following per the chart above;

Sun, Moon, Neptune conjunctions in Pisces, Sextiling both Mars in Taurus & Saturn in Capricorn (with Saturn conjunct Pluto) Squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius.’

Sun, Moon in Pisces Sextile to Mars in Taurus.

Venus in Aquarius Squaring Uranus in Taurus.

Sun, Moon in Pisces, Sextile to Saturn in Capricorn, Trining Mars in Taurus.

The North Node* in Cancer for the first time since 2000

will be Trining Sun, Moon & Mercury Rx in Pisces in opposition to

the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, Squaring Uranus in Taurus.

We have Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Aries conjunct Mercury Rx in Pisces and

Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius is making a Sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius.


Conjunctions imply intensity as the Planets are in an orb of 8 degrees (think side-by-side) and the energies are therefore blended. The intensity of positive or negative depends on the Planets involved. The key here is view conjunctions through the lens of the House in which they are transiting.

Oppositions are difficult aspects implying separation, challenges, being at odds, mostly involving relationships of all kinds. The key here is to meet these two energies in the middle, compromise and balance them so they may work together.

Squares are a hard aspect, causing us to feel pushed/corned to overcome obstacles with conflict likely. Encouraging action to be taken with rewarding achievements resulting. The way to do this is to balance the energies of the two Planets.

Trines are a smooth and encouraging energy, showing areas of good luck and the ability to overcome difficulty with minimal effort.

Sextiles are a similar to Trines, however you must put in the effort to harvest the rewards.

*The North Node - is not a planet nor asteroid but, a Nodal axis calculated from the Moons orbit in relation to the ecliptic inclination on the celestial equator. Where your North Node sits in your Natal Chart is considered your Dharma, Life Purpose and direction of emotional evolution.

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