MOON ASTROLOGY | Full Harvest Moon

at Zero Degrees in Aries

Tuesday, 25th September, 2018 at 09:04 AEST (+10 UTC)

Full Harvest Moon | Insta Post

Astrology & Moon Magick especially for you!! A channelled message...

A Call to Action & an unveiling of the NEW TRUE YOU!

The Harvest Full Moon tonight is conjunct Chiron in Aries. Now, as the first sign, Aries is the baby of the Zodiac. Aries is all about the self, and being ruled by Mars, action.

Anyone who knows an Aries - or someone with heavy placements in their natal chart - will notice how, it’s all about getting things done, and done now! Moreover, what they want and how they will get what they want.

Which most of the time is, the newest fad, or quite simply, to win. Regardless if they’re right. Their motto is; Me, me, me, me! Just like the babies they are.

Now, I’m not having a go at Aries, as they can be some of the most amazing people too!

Super loving, generous, loyal and honest, plus so much more! A lot of what they do really does revolve around those they love most. They’re doers because they are ruled by Mars. They are Fiery, passionate, action based, sometimes quick to judgment and making decisions but, we must realise this does come from a good place.

With the Full Moon tonight, it is all about reflecting on where we were personally six months ago. This is when we had a New Moon in Aries. Tonight brings about this reflection as it is cementing a newer version of ourselves. Revealing a new perspective on whom it is we have chosen to become. Now is the time to OWN IT!! Regardless! Take back your power and wield it like the weapon you are!

We will be lucky enough to have a heavy Saturn energy tonight adding its’ influences of stability, maturity and grounding. Making it quite apt to reflect on the past (as Saturn is Chronos/Time).

Where we have been investing our energies? As well as what needs to change in order for things to be more productive? More authentic for you? and most importantly, what will bring the best results for our projects? Including the intentions and manifestations we set in motion back at the Aries New Moon.

Now, focusing back on the Moon conjunction to Chiron, also in Aries. This will be bringing up our fears, (YAY! Said no-one ever!) from all ages and aspects of our lives. Fears are not all negative though. Some fears people have, have been anything but. Some fear being successful or stepping up to a whole new phase in any given aspect of their lives.

The best advice I can give here if this affects you this evening, is; lean into any pain or dis-ease associated, sit with it and listen. It is there to show you the way to what needs clearing and/or healing. Seek out the lesson in the situation or event. To deny these lessons and/or discomforts will only cause you to repeat, equaling further dis-ease. The process is a continuous one.

However, with self-awareness and practice it does get a little easier each time. The result is a spiritual shedding of old layers no longer serving us. A leveling up, revealing a new more resilient version of ourselves. Embrace it, own it, as it is preparing you for the next phase.

Now on a far brighter note we have Mars and Uranus Square-dancing again which is going to assist with giving us the energy, intuition, motivation and courage to keep moving forward.

However, Mercury is opposite the Moon so emotions can run high and just beware, it may manifest as an eruption, so keep your Mars anger in check!

In brief; Squares tend to make us feel……….irksome, forced, boxed in, or pushed. They’re an uncomfortable energy and thus making us react impulsively, instead of responding measurably.

Oppositions are also hard energies. In our natal charts, these are the areas of our lives that will show us where our challenges will be.

So lastly, for tonight, and until 20:28 AEST 26th September (when the Void of Course begins) focus on the energies you planted back at the New Moon on the 9th September. This is the best time to re-focus on those intentions and manifestations, by assessing what needs to be accepted, acknowledged, ended or adjusted to ‘Harvest’ the best possible outcome!

For a Full Moon ritual, check out Sarah Prout here!

It’s an old one but, a good one 😊💚

Happy manifesting beloveds!!

With Divine light, always.

Zarah Wolf 😘


Credits for info accuracy: - For more on 2018 Aries Full Moon, please check out Stormie Grace’s YouTube video!

- For more info on the Void of Course and the VoC schedule I use, click here! Don’t forget to adjust the time zone. AEST = UTC+10

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