MOON ASTROLOGY | Full Beaver Moon

at Zero Degrees in Gemini

Friday, November 23rd 2018 at 16:41 AEDT (+11 UTC)

Full Beaver Moon | Insta Post

Astrology & Moon Magick especially for you!! A channelled message...

These last few days we have been experiencing the Moon transiting Taurus, currently at home in its ruling House (the Second house).

Gemini’s (& Virgo’s) ruling Planet, Mercury, is in Sagittarius and Retrograde (Rx) (YAY! Says no one) and just to make it a little more challenging, Mercury Rx is Squared to Neptune in Pisces. Also, at home in its’ ruling House (the Twelfth House).

The energies you may have been experiencing have probably left you in a state of flux per sei.

Feeling the Sagi pull to action, without a clear direction or purpose thanks to Mercury Rx. The Stop, start, need to go and do something, but go where and do what? Has been difficult to traverse for some.

Feeling the need to share but remaining silent because the words are just not there. The desire to be productive, but how and in which realm, asks Neptune? And, do we want to tell people about it asks Pisces?

Not all of you will be feeling this way of course, some signs and people are far more susceptible to feeling the energy than others.

This is all in the lead up to this month’s Full Moon in the Mutable Air sign of Gemini at zero Degrees.

A Full Moon occurs when the Moon opposes the Sun. The Sun has just stepped into Sagittarius to begin its season, at the same time being conjunct with Jupiter in the Eighth house, ruled by Scorpio.

This is fantastic energy to begin to look forward with new ideas and fresher perspectives on old ideas or situations because Jupiter is the planet of expansion, healing and growth. Not only on a personal level but, also on a global scale. It will be Squared to Mars in Pisces though, so for some, it may cause temper flare ups. Not for the majority though.

This Full Moon is also known as the Beaver Moon. Traditionally a time when, in the Northern Hemisphere, you prepare your home and stores to bunker down for the long winter and shore up loose ends. As with all Full Moons, it is a time to assess what needs to be acknowledged, ended or adjusted.

With the major Moon aspects hitting off on Jupiter and Mars, it would be wise to check where these three planets are in your natal chart to get a better picture of what this Full Moon means for you individually.

In doing so, it will give you a greater understanding of where your focus should be at this time! Giving you a clearer direction of where to set your intentions and or clearing if you are into Moon rituals.

The planetary aspects to this Full Moon are highly geared toward recognition of how transformational 2018 has been for you.

Acknowledging the massive shift in your own energy, forcing you to move forward, whether we are ready to or not.

A levelling up to a higher vibrational frequency which has bought into the physical your manifestations in unexpected ways.

The Universe has repeatedly placed people, events, opportunities and “obstacles” in your path this year and will continue to do so.

The next time this happens, pause and observe from the higher place you are now residing.

Are you going to side-step it? Or surrender and step into it? Tune in and listen to your own intuition, each time.

I have a friend in mind as I am about to write this, he knows who he is. There is no such things as coincidence. Only Divine Universal Guidance and synchronicity. It is up to you to follow the signs and accept the guidance. The more you are in a state of flow with Universe, the more it will conspire to aid you along your path.

Happy Manifesting Moon Lovers!!

With Divine light, always




I did refer to the wonderful Stormy Grace afterwards for accuracy of aspects – you can check out her YouTube channel here

Stormy’s Full Moon video here

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