MOON ASTROLOGY | Cancer New Moon

at 10 Degrees 37 minutes

Wednesday 3rd july, 2019 @ 05:31 AEST (+10 UTC)

(2 min read, 5 mins with Aspects)

Cancer New Moon Charts - Wheel & Aspects (see below for interpretation)

Mother wounds & Karmic closeouts....

This New Moon is one of epic powerful proportions, not only is it in the sign of Cancer where the North Node is currently residing again after almost 20 years.

It also offered our neighbours in the Northern Hemisphere an Eclipse to really assist us in cutting out and letting go of all that which no longer falls in alignment with our heart and soul’s true desires.

When we look to the astrology of this season and the sign of Cancer, we are being forced to look at our wounds surrounding the relationship to our Mothers (and Fathers, as the South Node is residing in Capricorn) however, this Moon specifically will be focused on our relationship dynamic with our Mothers.

When we have the Full Moon in Capricorn, later this month on July 17th, we will then be asked to dive into our Father wounds.

We are looking to the dynamics surrounding our self-worth, how we value ourselves, how we value relationships and not just romantic ones, we are in relationship with everything in our lives including ourselves. And it is this last relationship which we are being pushed and called to revise, adjust and let go of any of our out-dated belief systems/conditioned paradigms surrounding how we value ourselves.

This season and the coming weeks have not been easy and will continue to push us to our breaking points until we get the hint and surrender into our feelings and allow ourselves to emote everything we have been conditioned to bottle up throughout our lives.

This is not easy energy, however, an awareness of what the cosmos is encouraging you to do gives you a higher perspective, a macro view on your Dharma/destiny, making it only a tad bit easier to surrender into the unknown with absolute trust, unconditional faith and love, knowing the Universe and Spirit is supporting you all the way.

Use this New Moon energy this evening to assist you in manifesting goals, setting the intentions to let go of what is holding you back from being you. Surrender into the flow to find the reconciliation and alignment of your head and heart desires and don’t hold back. This is not the time to be shy, when setting such powerfully supported intentions, now is not the time to play small.

Aim straight and aim true to the future you wish to create. Points to ponder for when you are setting your intentions;

How do you want to feel on the day-to-day in future?

What can you see when you dare to dream of what your ideal future looks like?

No matter how out-there or far-fetched you may presently believe this to be, trust what you are seeing can be created. Imagine yourself there and allow your frequency to shift into alignment with that future version of yourself. Can you feel it, the internal shift? Let me know in the comments below.

As always beloveds, when you are writing your lists of things which you wish to heal/let go and manifest this evening - remember, whatever it is you feel in your heart, is not wrong. When you feel into your energetic body, trust it will never lie to you. As it is for YOU and it is from your higher self. It is your own internal light guiding you. The more you sit in this space the easier it becomes to trust your inner gps.

To write your intentions, sit in your heart, focus on what it is you wish to manifest into your reality this coming moon cycle, and write it all down on a separate piece of paper. After you have written your list of goals and intentions, read it aloud (or in your Higher Mind) to Sister Luna and ask that she help you ground this manifestation into your reality. This list is to be kept somewhere safe. In your journal, or perhaps you have a special box where you keep these near your altar.

Although our New Moon hit this morning, you have until 00:25 AEST Thursday 4th July, 2019 prior to the Moon being Void of Course (a time in which makes ritual work and intention setting redundant).

As always, I hope this finds you all incredibly well beloveds.

Check out the video & link below!

Happy releasing & manifesting Moon lovers!

Blessings and Divine light, always.



P.S. Here's the link for some Grounding Solfeggio Tunes they may assist you sleep tonight, if you feel restless.

THE MAJOR ASPECTS (with House placements):

With the New Moon falling in Cancer at 10 degrees 37 minutes this results in the following per the chart above;

Moon is conjunct Sun at exactly 10 degrees and 37minutes of Cancer in the 1st House, ruled by Aries/Mars

Opposing the Saturn Rx/Pluto Rx/ South Node conjunction in Capricorn in the 8th House, ruled by Scorpio/Pluto

Squaring Chiron in Aries in the 10th House, ruled by Capricorn/Saturn,

Trine to Neptune Rx & Black Moon Lilith in Pisces in the 9th House, ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter.

Mercury is conjunct Mars in Leo in the 2nd House, ruled by Taurus/Venus

Square to Uranus in Taurus in the 11th House, ruled by Aquarius/Uranus

Trine Chiron in Aries in the 10th House, ruled by Capricorn/Saturn.

Venus in Gemini in the 1st House, ruled by Aries/Mars

Jupiter Rx is in its ruling sign of Sagittarius in the 7th House, ruled by Virgo/Mercury

Squaring Neptune Rx in Pisces in the 9th House, ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter

Saturn Rx/Pluto Rx/South Node conjunction in Capricorn in 8th Houses, ruled by Scorpio/Pluto

Opposition to the North Node* (of course) in Cancer in the 2nd House, ruled by Taurus/Venus.

Sextile to Neptune Rx in Pisces

Uranus in Taurus in the 11th House, ruled by Aquarius/Uranus

Square to Mercury/Mars conjunction in Leo in the 2nd House, ruled by Taurus/Venus

Sextile both Moon/Sun conjunction in Cancer & Black Moon Lilith in Pisces in the 9th House, ruled by Sagittarius.

We have Chiron (the Wounded Healer) still in Aries, preparing along with Mercury to Retrograde shortly too!