at 15 Degrees 16 minutes

Friday 5th April, 2019 @ 19:50 AEDT (+11 UTC)

Aries New Moon Charts - Wheel & Aspects (see below for interpretation)

This month our New Moon falls Aries, conjunct our Sun in the Sixth House, ruled by Virgo. The Sixth House is quite busy at the moment and therefore the energy of Virgo ruled by Mercury is playing a large role at this time.

The New Moon placement makes it incredibly potent to set intentions and release blockages surrounding how we can be service, and how we show up to be of service. Not only on a collective level but, to ourselves, to our friends, and of course families.

The conjunction between the Sun and Moon in Fiery Mars ruled Aries, ensures there is a reflection onto self at all levels. Physically, Emotionally, Psychologically, Mentally and Spiritually. This last week you may have noticed light being shed on behaviours or patterns which you wish to release moving forward, or beginning Monday a surge in your energy levels and mental malleability. This is occurring to prepare you for your next phase, next chapter. Showing you there is a path of least resistance, if you ask for it to be shown.

Chiron is in Aries making a Sextile to Mars in Gemini – I feel intuitively with this placement in particular, it is affording us the energy and clarity to be proactive and assertive when it comes to making plans, design, and implementing structures around how we can be successful in that which we love. Be careful to overcompensate nor mistake “busy-ness” for productivity.

Chiron is our “unhealable wound” and natally, Chiron in Aries is generally a placement where we see the person not reaching their fullest potential despite proactive and assertive behaviours. This due to them not being ruthless/competitive enough, nor tough-skinned to take on board the criticism (constructive or non) giving by their circle and or society.

Jupiter is Sextiling Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius also, which reminds us we can trust. Our hearts, our desires, and others. Autonomy is not always the way.

As with all New Moons it is the perfect time to RELEASE that WITHIN, which you know is not serving your highest good, soul growth and evolution as a human being.

The energy tonight is encouraging you to look at your thought patterns, beliefs systems, core paradigms and most importantly FEARS. Put them under the microscope, look at them from an unbiased outside perspective.

What do you see? Where are the links, the patterns? What do you wish to eliminate from your “auto-pilot mode”? Deep introspection and inquiry are always of benefit to those whom wish to grow. Tonight, however would be especially auspicious as you can begin the next moon phase being clear of these things. Taking a step in the right direction, revealing a new refreshing aspect of self.

When you are writing your lists of things which you wish to release tonight - remember, whatever it is you feel in your heart, is not wrong. Your body will never lie to you. As it is for YOU and it is from your higher self. It is your own internal light guiding you. The more you sit in this space the more you learn to trust it.

In your heart, focus on what it is you wish to manifest into your reality this coming moon cycle, and write it all down on a separate piece of paper. This list is to be kept somewhere safe.

As always, I hope this finds you all incredibly well.

Happy releasing & manifesting Moon lovers!

Blessings and Divine light, always.



THE MAJOR ASPECTS (sans House placements):

With the New Moon falling in Aries 15 degrees 16minutes this results in the following per the chart above;

Sun & Moon conjunct in Aries are in

Trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius

Squaring the Saturn and Pluto conjunction, in Capricorn & the North Node in Cancer.

Mercury now Direct, still in conjunction with Neptune,

which is now conjunct Venus all of which are in Pisces

Sextile to Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn in Trine to the North Node in Cancer.

The North Node* in the final degrees of Cancer

Will be in Opposition to Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn,

Making a Trine to Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces and

Squaring the Sun, Moon conjunction in Aries.

We have Chiron (the Wounded Healer) still in in Aries in Sextile to Mars in Gemini.

Black Moon Lilith is still in Aquarius, Sextiling Jupiter in Sagittarius


Conjunctions imply intensity as the Planets are in an orb of 8 degrees (think side-by-side) and the energies are therefore blended. The intensity of positive or negative depends on the Planets involved. The key here is view conjunctions through the lens of the House in which they are transiting.

Oppositions are difficult aspects implying separation, challenges, being at odds, mostly involving relationships of all kinds. The key here is to meet these two energies in the middle, compromise and balance them so they may work together.

Squares are a hard aspect, causing us to feel pushed/corned to overcome obstacles with conflict likely. Encouraging action to be taken with rewarding achievements resulting. The way to do this is to balance the energies of the two Planets.

Trines are a smooth and encouraging energy, showing areas of good luck and the ability to overcome difficulty with minimal effort.

Sextiles are a similar to Trines, however you must put in the effort to harvest the rewards.

*The North Node - is not a planet nor asteroid but, a Nodal axis calculated from the Moons orbit in relation to the ecliptic inclination on the celestial equator. Where your North Node sits in your Natal Chart is considered your Dharma, Life Purpose and direction of emotional evolution.

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