Mercury Retrograde

~ The Return of Prometheus ~

(3min read) Includes Channelled messages for each of the Zodiac.

Universally accepted Retrograde period;

18 June 2020 04:59 (UTC) 14°45’ Cancer - 12 July 2020 08:26 (UTC) 5° 29’ Cancer


Pre began: 2 June 2020

Post ends: 26 July 2020

~ Per Astro Charts for Melbourne, Australia ~

Stations Rx: 18 June 2020 10:00 AEST at 14° 45’ Cancer in 12th House.

Actual motion Rx: 19 June 2020 05:00 AEST to 14° 44’ - still considered “Stationed”

Considered Rxing: 20 June 2020 10:00 AEST at 14° 38’

Stations Direct: 12 July 2020 10:00 AEST at 5° 29’ Cancer in 10th House.

Actual motion Direct: 13 July 2020 05:00 AEST at 5° 30’ - still considered “Stationed”

Considered Direct: 14 July 2020 10:00 AEST 10:00 5° 36’

In typical Mercurial trickster style, nothing is stereotypical or in accordance with “the usual” as reflected in it’s transitionary period between direct and retrograde motions.

This I feel is a perfect epitome of what this particular retrograde will be asking of us all. Especially as whilst researching for this article Prometheus made himself very well and truly known. It was hard to escape the synchronicities after first discovering the relation between him and Mercury.

Prometheus is most notable for defying Zeus and the other Gods as he “stole the fire” right from under their noses by distracting them. The story has it he threw an apple over the walls of the palace, into the courtyard where the Goddess’ were mingling whilst the Gods discussed all “important” matters.

The bait; a note attached to the apple reading; “This is for the most beautiful of all the Goddess’.”

Naturally this caused them to argue amongst one another, each claiming the fruit was for themselves, and thus creating a humorous show that distracted the Gods. Prometheus snuck in a claimed the fire in this moment.

He was eventually caught and Zeus bound him to a rock atop the mountains where an Eagle would feast on his liver each day.

Prometheus in ancient Greek means “forethinker” and during the Greek Wars of independence was seen to represent the creative revolutionary spirit and hope.*

It is not until June 26th once the Sun makes an applying conjunction that we will feel this energy begin to take effect, and once Brother Sol and Mercury cross paths making a separating conjunction, after 1 July, will we be able to feel the energies of Prometheus take hold a little more firmly.

In the lead up to June 28 – this day needs to be marked in all calendars! Not only will the applying conjunction of the Sun and Mercury be taking hold, this is the day Mercury will be closest to Earth, prior to making it’s inferior conjunction on 1 July. Simply put an inferior conjunction is when Mercury transits between the Earth and the Sun and from a Heliocentric perspective is the only time we see it conjunct the Sun.

June 28, will also be a day when the conjunction between Mercury and the fixed star Sirius tightens. Along with the Jupiter, Pluto conjunction being joined by their father, Saturn in the last minutes of Aquarius. Things will change in big and unexpected ways from this day onward, on global and personal levels. However, that is another article, soon be released. So subscribe and stay tuned!

The general messages I feel for the collective during this retrograde are look to back to the previous retrograde period between 17 February through to 12 March 2020. Also briefly reflect to 4 – 27 June 2019. As this was the last time Mercury transited Cancer.

Over the course of this retrograde transit we will be shown beyond doubt many things which we thought to be true, turn out to in fact be the opposite. And vice versa. This is the nature of the compounding retrogrades and aspects we are to experience.

Much of which will directly ask you to review internal processes, behaviours, beliefs and almost force you, whether you wish or not, to edit, adapt, amend or let go any and all of that which is no longer in alignment with your new found truths. We will no longer be able to deceive ourselves.

Surrendering to the cosmic flow and allowing are going to be the cornerstones these next few weeks, offering deep and lasting changes that you may or not may not desire. So be wary of the seeds you are tending during this time. Discern what will reap a beneficial harvest and that which your intuition has already been telling you is not worth the energy you are feeing into it. Redirect your course accordingly for the later so that you are reaping exactly what you desire.

Remembering, do not confuse or confound the Universe with polarizing energies. Believe and know to the depths of your frequency. There is no room for doubt or second guessing your worthiness to receive and manifest that which you wish for. This conflicting of energies is one way to delay, or void your manifestations from being made physical.

We reassure you, this is not mere “positive thinking” nor is it “faking it till you make it” – this is the art of Alchemy. The true Alchemy which is the art of Mental Transmutation. This practice may be applied by any and all who have come across the teachings of the adepts and Masters, to many things in one’s life. However, we encourage you to conceive of the idea from the perspective of your inner worlds first. Thoughts precede feelings; Feelings precede emotions; Emotions precede state of beingness. So FEEL within every cell of your being, your desires are already here in the NOW, and hold that vibration each day, for as long as you feel intuitively guided to do so.

As per each Mercury retrograde it is ill-advised to sign contractual documents, I feel this especially so as with the North Node making a return to Gemini, there is a sense that not all the T’s & C’s may be made clear or transparent. Triple checking is advised. Also, if any contracts are having to be unavoidably signed during this period, I am feeling a loop-hole with regard to “when” these discussions first began.

If it was pre April 9th I am hearing this could be benefical and may survive the retrogrades. However, if it was post April 9th – discernment and caution is advised, as I am seeing the seven of swords as I write this. Translated, there may be elements of deception, in particular half-truths. Question omissions, if they are felt, do not doubt your innate intuitive self during this time.