Gemini Season

The Mercurial Twins of the Zodiac

Sun enters Gemini at 23:50 AEST (+10 UTC) 4th House

Transiting on to Cancer at 07:44 AEST 21 June 2020 12th House.

Moon will transit into Gemini at 23:36 AEST 22 May until 09:09 AEST 25 May 2020

*Void of Course begins 21:09 24th May to close out transit

Moon returns to Gemini at 07:00 AEST 19 June until 16:01 AEST 21 June 2020

*Void of Course begins 07:47 21st June to close out transit

Synonymous with Hermes; both the Olympian Greek God & Trismegistus, intellect, mischievousness, Alchemy, Arch Angel Zadkiel,the Lovers card of the Major Arcana, in RWT* and also, Arch Angel Metatron and Merlin, IMO.

Traditional mottos: “I think” ~

“I manifest”

Others that come to mind as I write this:

“Mind overcomes and forms matter” ~

“I think therefore I create” ~

“To understand is to see, to innerstand is to know” ~

“Mental transmutation is the truth of Alchemy”

Hermes the Greek God, was son of Zeus, father to Pan and Hermaphroditus (daughter of Hermes & Aphrodite) and was the Herald for Mt Olympus.

The God of trade, luck, fertility, border crossings, boundaries, a guide to the non-ordinary world and Divine realms, eloquence, impeccable intellect, and Messenger of the Gods.

He is also the patron and protector of travelers, herdsmen, thieves, orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics and sports, invention and trade. In some myths Hermes is also depicted as a trickster where he would outwit the gods either for the good of humankind or for his own personal amusement and satisfaction.**

Hermes Trismegistus - “the three times great one” – was the mind behind what we know as Hermetics, Hermetic Philosophy and the Seven Hermetic Principles as explained in The Kybalion.

This Gemini season will be more powerful than one we have seen in approx. ten years. As the North Node revisiting Gemini after 19 years, and Venus retrograding here too, until 26 June 2020. Also, as you are reading this, Mercury is still in a conjunction to Venus, and will remain so until 17:36 AEST on 26 May 2020.

Traits of the Gemini Twins are that of fun loving, free spirited and an almost unquenchable thirst for information and knowledge. They often are the people you know who know much about a wide and extensive range of topics.

They are also the sign that can quite literally be in two places at once and quite successfully multitask. Often being physically in one place whilst in another realm of thought process.

This may make it appear that Geminis are shallow, however the exact opposite is closer to the truth. As they are able to perceive with great clarity and depth much of what others can not see.

A Mercurial mind has the ability to simultaneously analyse, both sides of the coin and both inside and outside the box. Having the mental flexibility to perceive many options and perspectives and sorting the wheat from the chaff.

If you have a problem you need an efficient and effective solution to. Go to a Gemini - or a Virgo, their sister sign as it is co-ruled by Mercury.

Major strengths of a Gemini are that of communication of course, being an Air sign, versatility and curiosity. Not to mention lively, witty, flirtatious, fun-loving, and synaptic firing at lightspeeds, giving a native Gemini impeccable analytical skills, adaptable, charming and having an innate ability to sidestep any obstacle.

Challenges that arise from The “Twin” mind can manifest as a ‘Dr. Jekly & Mr. Hyde’ type of energy, also with propensities to be fickle and superficial, restless, nervous, short attention spans, scattered, high-strung, inconsistent, intellectualising feelings, and prone to gossip over facts.

Be wary of allowing your energy to be that of Charlie's this season. LMAO!

Seriously, though! There's a possibility, especially with Neptune in Pisces making squares to the Sun. So be mindful of where your mental health is at.

This season, will best be traversed with a mindful awareness of how, if any or all, of these traits manifest in your physical “reality.”

Focus on your grounding and your exercise. This will assist you in two ways. Grounding will aid in coming back down out of the mental realms during this season. Whilst also giving you down time to recharge your battery and refill your cup.

Any form of exercise also will be of great benefit, as a Mercurial mind has the capability of running 100 mph on a “normal” day. So, with it being your season now, this will no doubt be amplified.

Remembering our thoughts also create energy within our being, thus you may find you have an incredible surplus of energy, motivation, drive and focus. Moving the body, in any way you feel, will aid in releasing this surplus of energy. Thus decreasing your likelihood of experiencing nervousness, anxiety and or overwhelm during this next trans