Gemini New Moon – Solar Eclipse #147

“Time to Decide”

Who are you choosing to become?

What are you allowing in your reality?

How determined are you to stick to your path?

Channelled guidance from the Charts - dates & times of New Moon & Solar Eclipse below.

This is not the Moon to make wishy-washy intentions. Nor do you want to be sending mixed signals to the Universe, the Divine, God, Source, Creator.

This is the Moon you choose your desired path.

Your HIGHEST TIMELINE, your HIGHEST DESTINY & ANCHOR that vibration into your vessel as the ‘new norm’.

Anything less than ABSOLUTE heart-based clarity will not stand.

And come the Lunar Eclipse to close out this Eclipse Season – Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, November 2021 – all will be stripped away that was of anything other than your Highest Divine Authenticity. Forcing you to stand in your Integrity – if you have any left at all.

The Gemini 5th House Stellium of Sun, Moon & Mercury Rx - Square Neptune, Trine Saturn Rx – are demanding we all dig deep and secure that which is true to us on our Path of the Heart. On our Soul’s Missions. With a Libran MC @ 26 degrees & Aquarian AC @ 6 degrees this is further supporting you to create your own lane & do things your own way, that have not been done before. In way they have not been done before, by yourself or anyone.

Aligned with a fairness & highest benefit to not only the Collective, to ourselves too!

I feel this is further supported with Saturn Rx Square to Uranus as this frees up our pragmatic structured Capricornian minds to seeing there is a better way forward.

An outside-the-box style thinking synonymous with Uranus, especially at it’s fall.

Reminding me of a quote “Visionaries were borne because they were unsatisfied with the normal and mundane”.

Where in your life have you been desiring to make a radical shift in your experienced reality? Where have you been holding yourself back from stepping into Leadership, to whichever capacity?

I have been saying since 2018 that Uranus in Taurus is here to ensure we not only stand in our VALUES, we honour them in the most lavish and decadent ways possible. Embodying the Taurean energy of; “anything less than the best of, will not do!”. Now more than ever it is vital to stand your ground on what you KNOW deep within is aligned with your heart, your truth & your integrity.

With the additional energies of the Solar Eclipse apex 11minutes before this New Moon apex – it is the perfect energy in prelude to shed anything that is not of the Light within your being.

Anything that is weighing you down, holding you back. Especially perceived blockages and self-imposed limitations from programming and conditioning. And more specifically anything from 31st May 2003 when we last experienced a Saros 147 Series Solar Eclipse!

Set it aside, quite literally in a suitcase, in the Quantum. And LET IT GO!

Whatever you decide on this evening. Ensure to set your intentions, and then do one thing as a sign of commitment to yourself and the Universe.

It could be something as simple as writing out a to-do list of what is required to reach your goal.

This is energetically backing your intentions with aligned actions immediately, ready for you to ground your desired manifestations into Gaia.

Wishing you well Moon Lover.

Thank you for reading – feel free to share.

9D & above love always,

Amanda Darch

Gemini New Moon @19 degrees:

June 10th, 2021 20:52 AEST (+10 UTC)

Void of Course: 03:37 June 11th, 2021

Solar Eclipse – Saros series #147:

Partial/Full begins 18:12/19:49 AEST

Maximum Annular Eclipse 20:41 (3min51sec)

Full/Partial ends 21:33/23:11

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