Gemini New Moon

~ The Moon of Sisters ~

23rd May 2020 03:38 AEST (+10 UTC)

2° 4’ in the 2nd House of Taurus/Venus

Moon begins Void of Course: 21:09 AEST 24th May 2020 AEST

When first tuning into this New Moon a few days ago for this article I was given the Archetype as the “Guide” – the way-shower, the hermit with the lantern, the lighthouse.

Which led me to feeling the energies of the Hierophant to a degree, as part of its message is to trust the Guru within ourselves. Our inner Seer, Prophet, Bard, visionary, and humble leader.

Through the last few days some new information came to light regarding Algol and the Seven Sisters*. This led me to investigate and look towards the Fixed Stars in our galaxy and their potent energetic implications in the Astrology, I have been covering to date.

I discovered the conjunct Luminaries – the Sun and the Moon - at 0° applying, are also conjunct a major Fixed Star energy of Alcyone – at 0° 16’ of Gemini – in orb of 2° 28’ separating, if my understanding and calculations are correct. I have included, as always, charts below, including that of the Fixed Stars too for something new!

Alcyone – I pronounce it as “Al-see-oun” - is the most luminescent powerhouse of the Pleiades Star Cluster, also known as the Seven Sisters!

Alcyone is known as a magical Behenian Star offering wisdom and magical powers, infused with Venusian Goddess energy. Both the light and the dark aspects.

Giving me a feeling of Odin, Merlin and Morgaine.

This Venusian energy will only further be amplified, as when La Luna reaches her apex - here in the Southern Hemisphere - she will be in the second house ruled by Taurus, thus Venus. And we will also still have Mercury conjunct Venus Rx in Gemini (orb 0° 46’ separating – as Mercury has passed Venus and is pulling away from her now) Square dancing with Neptune in Pisces.

Mythically Alcyone was a Greek Goddess of the Moon, the seas, calm, tranquility and peace. The summary of part of her story, is that of loosing a lover and then casting herself into the seas shortly thereafter.**

This epic New Moon portal we are embarking upon is not only backed by the magical Alcyone. We have the conjunct Luminaries which are encouraging you to embrace your individualism!

Affording you an harmonious ease of expressing your truths and truest self, in a most authentic and humble way.

The adverse can also be true too however, so be mindful of your words and actions toward self and others.

As the power of, not only your expression, the Zen energy you exude, will have deep and lasting impact too.

Surrender the resistance to change, feel not think. To feel is to know beyond reason or logic.

This Sun/Moon conjunction is also in Square to Mars attempting not to drown or get sucked down into Neptunian Piscean waters.

This is promoting and encouraging a passionate non-conformist driving energy. Which may lead to impulsivity, and potentially ill-thought-out risk taking. Bewary of escapisim and delusion also.

Ensure you ground your energy in to your physical body and the earth before making any rash decisions. This notion is supported by the trine to the out-of-sign conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – both Rx – in Capricorn and Aquarius, respectively.

For this New Moon I was guided to revisit the ephemeris, to check when the Moon was last in this position. It was prior to the December 12th Gemini Full Moon, on December 10th or 11th 2019, depending upon where you are on the Globe. I feel this will be specific to some, not all. I know for me personally, December 12th sparked a level of almost insomnia, which has been difficult to repair in long-stays to date.

Also the Gemini New Moon last June 3rd 2019, as this was prior to the EPIC energies, gifting us all deep healing of the Mother-wound, then the Father-wound, on top of closing-out a 27 - 29 year cycle - which both the Cancerian and Capricornian Moons proivided us in a cannon, in 2019.

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* Other charts linked below

This New Moon truly is a portal, a Star Gate activation for us. To graciously accept and walk through with love and trust in our hearts and Souls missions this incarnation. An event horizon, you have felt coming now for months. Your intuitions were correct, now is your time beloved!

I have also been guided to include Gemini 2° from Ellias Lonsdale’s, Inside Degrees. It reads;

“ ’A collection of large dried leaves, each one bearing an inscription.’

A neatly compacted little world. Everything fits together splendidly. Each detail is highlighted, mentally known to be right where it belongs. But everything is static. No movement destroys the coherence. You remember the way it is supposed to be and reconstitute all good things from the past, while inwardly craving to break through to something new. The familiar mental categories accompany you everywhere. Knowing exactly what is happening is highly valued. A thousand practical gifts are made easy. Everything works smoothly. The sociocultural sphere is well-served. But underneath, slowly, gradually, you are losing all interest in this pattern and seeking a way out of it, which in the fullness of time may there if you can let go of the need to please everybody and make perfect sense and discover the great bulk of your being lying dormant, waiting for the future to dawn. Needing relief and release to feel alive again and to know that it is possible to find real satisfaction in living.”