Divine Heart Expansion

Stream of Consciousness - 28 January 2020

To be truly in your heart. To live with your heart completely open. It's going to be painful at first. For how long, though? Well, that's up to you, beloved.

It's going to stretch you. It's going to push you – hard – and hold you into all your edges.

It's going to feel levels of discomfort you will want to push away. Continuously.

This discomfort is guiding you. Teaching you to dive deeper into your heart. And until you surrender into this divine heart expansion awaiting you. Your ego will keep you held, trapped, and in a suspended animation time loop. Creating and recreating inorganic timelines that perpetuate falsehoods, which parts of your own unhealed/imbalanced ego wants you to remain “safe”, AKA stuck in.

All the while it is keeping you on the neurological hamster wheel as you yourself are creating and recreating your own living hell. Bordering you up and past the lines into mild to medium levels of neurosis/psychosis as you attempt to logic out something which can only be felt.

Your higher heart and Soul are what is driving you to continue dropping into your heart.

It is the ego mind that has you dipping in and out of your heart, bouncing around in your skull, attempting to find feeling in your thoughts.

Your higher heart and Soul are doing this so you can dissolve all the walls you have built up to keep true divine love out.

As it is this unconditional love that will not only bring you peace.

It will show you how until now you have been living from a frequency which is less than that of pure divine love.

And this truth is not easily palatable for many in the spiritual community who have yet to integrate their shadows and “darker” more primal Selves, for they fear the truths of themselves they may be shown. Not realizing it is in this integration of these shadows where their most potent power and gifts await them.

Working with the sacred Emerald, Sapphire, Rose Gold and Violet flames. The Ruby Rays, many varying Dragon energies/beings, and my main guardian from the very beginning, Archangel Metatron, I intuitively have been returning to dive deeper and deeper into my heart. Over and over again, each time this dis-ease has arisen in me – not without resistance myself – and continuously returning to my personal Gate of Grace by my own Human Design.

Each time in doing this, I know and can feel the depth of my Divine Love in my being deepening into my core. Building, creating and nurturing even greater depths of unconditional love, compassion, and empathy for all those beautiful people, beautiful Souls in my life, in all situations that I have been blessed to experienced since the beginning of October 2021.

It wasn't until yesterday I had all of my intuitions confirmed from another channel, like myself. And a beautiful soul sister, who I reconnected with again recently, as she had a similar experience some months prior.

Everything my intuition had been guiding me to do. Healing rituals I intuitively created on the spot for what my vessel was guiding me to address. Practicing my Lightlanguage. Shapeshifting. Grid work. Returning to my Reiki and strengthening my other intuitively created Energetic Healing and Lightworking Practices. Fasting. Breathwork. Sungazing. Tantra. Urine Therapy. My Ormus journey. Reclaiming my Solar Womb.

Were all continually supporting me to raise and raise my frequency again again and again. Turning my love inward returning myself into even greater depths of self love and unconditional love, acceptance, grace and compassion.

Deepening into my heart, reaching levels I have briefly touched numerous times since the beginning of my reawakening journey and grounding this energy down into Gaia and the Collective Grid, the Web of Life. Reconnecting with God, Source Creator and sitting in my heart space to reconnect with Divine unconditional limitless love, were all correct.

It was my ego. My imbalanced ego. That kept me returning to the neurological hamster wheel. Telling me I am not enough.

Telling me my gifts and offerings were worthless, useless to the Collective.

Telling me I'm crazy for thinking I could help people given my present physical reality and situation.

Telling me that my closest soul family do not love me.

Feeding all of my fears. Gaslighting myself.

It was my wounded ego, and aspects of my wounded inner child from programming, conditioning and trauma, feeding the inorganic timelines playing on loops which were playing out each time I allowed the ego to fuel the thoughts, and the thoughts then fueling my ego.

Triggering me to believe my complex PTSD had come back from 2010 – 2015.

This was a time in my life when tackling and overcoming suicidal ideation was just a regular part of me beginning each day. By the end of 2015 I was at my lowest point in self loathing and alcoholism.

My ego had me believing I had regressed, Spiritually, consciously, and was operating at a frequency so low that I was toxic to be around, and this was why I was feeling the way I was. And why certain people had dropped out of my reality.

That I have not made any progress whatsoever in my spiritual and healing journeys. And I was in fact going backwards.

Which in all honesty, the times in which I allowed my wounded ego self to rule over me for a moment too long, it would spiral me and did drop my frequency of consciousness, my vibration.

However, each rising, afternoon and evening I would return to my heart continuously returning to clearing my field. Ensuring that my energy, vibration and consciousness remembered and realigned to the Divine truth and the higher vibration which was attempting to be embodied.

Some days, when I caught it early enough, it would only take a fraction of a moment to realign to my highest truth. Other days, when I had been especially active on the 4D astral planes – when I could sleep – it could take up to two hours. Other days it could take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. On many occasions a whole day until I felt like myself again.

I share this all with you as I have been guided to let you know.

You are not going crazy.

You are being pushed and encouraged by your Higher Heart & Soul to dive deeper again into unconditional love. No matter what is happening around the world on the 3D planes of reality right now.

As it has done for me, and may for you too, this has come in the form of varying new guides to begin working with, some energies and beings which are quite unconventional/controversial and not regularly associated with unconditional love. Some of the Dragon energies, for example.

It is in reactivating this next level of deeper unconditional love where you will find your power, your grace, your purpose, your grit and your peace.

Living from the heart is not a set and forget way of living.

You will be tested, sometimes, every day.

Until one day, it all shifts, and you will find it easier and easier to sit back down into your heart and proceed forward from this space regardless of the “test” that arises.

After months of journeying with this – not entirely solo, I have been blessed by a Soul family member who became a check-in point for me and having their support was and is truly a blessing – it is only now I am in cognizant confirmed awareness of my intuitions being on point.

Although I am embarrassed I did not completely trust my intuitions during all my shadow journeyings. I am so proud of my strength, resilience and ability to forge forward on the Truth of my heart each and every time in complete negative capability and faith in my channeling being on point.

So I am now at the beginning of this new chapter, of yet again, another next level heart expansion with my new members of my Spirit Guides on my team.

I am excited and since receiving these confirmations, have never felt fiercer, more determined, and more deeply in love with my journey and all of life as I do as I write this.

Activating your Heart and Higher Heart space is contributing to the Collective Raising of Consciousness that the planet needs at this time. Especially as we have already been witnessing a gaping split in timelines between people seemingly living on the same physical plane, yet, irrefutably existing in entirely separate physical realities and dimensions.

It is clear this gaping split is only going to further an unbreachable divide in societies – as it has done already this past decade – and into the following decades. This is why it is imperative that as Soul Families, and Tribes we must hold the line of oneness between us all who have chosen the future higher timeline reality of Soul Sovereignty. Of Soul family. Regardless of our varying “Spiritual” beliefs and practices. We cannot allow our Collective Energy to splinter off and divide any further.