Discernment of the Hunter/Huntress

Aries Full 'Hunter' Moon - 27 degrees 25 min - 01:56 AEDT (+11 UTC) - 1st House

To live a life as fully as you desire, you must make the moves required. On all levels.

A Divine Transmission

As the Hunter Moon will assist you in severing any ties that are not cemented in bonds of trust, truth and integrity. The Hunter Moon being the second Full Moon after the Equinox traditionally marks the time in which the people begin to forage, hunt, collect and store all the nourishments they will need to last the winter months when it is not possible to hunt for game.

This Aries Full Moon is encouraging you to release and remove all lower density thought forms that once prohibited your being and consciousness from it’s divinely planned expansion. Pushing you to into realignment to your Soul’s desired timeline, not your 3D linear ego-mind's desired timeline.

That which if you fail to recognise as such, will trap you into an old pattern, cyclical wounding perpetuated along a false timeline as your energetic frequency merely raised just enough to trick the mind into believing you had shifted, and ascended. When really your mind perched itself on the furthest extremity of the comfort zone of your consciousness. On the old side of the threshold instead of breaking through and making roots in the true reality shift. The mind is a complex and tricky thing.

It can justify away dreams and desires.

Now is the time where you must push past that threshold your linear mind is gripping on to by it’s fingernails.

Becoming the observer outside of the thoughts. Bare witness to your new consciousness expanding – finding the humour in what you once believed to be true. And embracing the true you.

The you that is beyond form. The you that is of unconditional love. The you that already has the clarity you are seeking from the external. The you that is so attuned to your heart, you do not need “follow” the crowd because you are in implicit trust of your own inner divine guidance and connection to God Source Creator.

When beginning to channel for this Moon – I was immediately reminded of Freya, Artemis, the Stag, and the Elk, and noticed their overlapping energies of, intuition, grace, fierceness, nobility, strength, vitality, sensuality, maturity, and spiritual enlightenment.

A question for you to quest into this Full Moon.

How can you become your own leader this lifetime?

What brutal decisions do you know you need to make with all your grace?

Where can you become more organised in balancing the requirements of your physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual aspects of life?

This Full Moon is heralding a beginning – a brand new beginning of a brand new book.

You are the character of this story, just as you are the author.

What story will you write to co-create into reality your most divine future?

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Love and Blessings to all my moon lovers this Hunter Full Moon.

Remember Void of Course begins at the same time (01:56 AEDT) so ensure to do your ritual before bed - or await untill these energies shift into Taurus after 07:00 AEDT 21st October.

Thank you for being.

Thank you for reading.

I love you.

13D & above love, always,

Amanda L Darch

00:22 AEDT 21 October 2021

Aries Full 'Hunter' Moon Chart - by Astro Gold

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