Cosmic Consciousness #2

Musings on the phrase "God fearing"

from the 'Streams of Consciousness' Blog

As a preface; this may be triggering to some, or annoying to others. So please pardon any ignorances. I was Christened under the Church of England. However, I have never formally studied or practices a specific religion, nor did my family go to Service. And the only times I have attended a Church is as a tourist through the many spectacular Churches I was blessed to visit whilst I was travelling throughout Europe in 2008. I love architecture – it’s one of many odd things I wanted to do as a child. The beauty of these buildings really drew me in and now I have far too many photographs of churches & stained-glass windows for one person.

My very limited “knowledge” for lack of a better term – or intuitive feelings, regarding God, Source, Creator, Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, have all been direct from the Source and via my gift of being a psychic channel. Claircognisance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, I could go on. You see my point though.

When feeling into this phrase, it raised the question for me. “How can someone say they love God, if they are “God fearing”?

‘God is unconditional love in my opinion and experience of Source, Creator, Universal energies. No matter which “God” you chose to pray to. When I was feel into this energy and the phrase, I heard;

“You were meant to love all, and learn to love yourself, unconditionally just as I have for all of Earth’s children.” ‘

In sharing this with you now. This again feels so deeply true within me. When I pray to God, Source, Creator. I feel loved. I feel safe. I feel heard and understood. Without judgement or ridicule. I feel present and grounded when in walking prayer or random conversation with God Source Creator and the Universe. In conversation with all beings and all living creatures. Throughout any moment of any and every day. My life is a walking prayer or meditation. Constantly in communication with everything in my reality and the non-ordinary realms. This is how connected I feel. This is how supported I feel.

What came through thereafter this;

The extract of my note book, verbatim.

Psychology says: Love cannot stem from fear.

Spirituality/The Quantum Dynamics says: Love cannot truly be given without truly loving oneself.

So how can someone say the love (truly love) God, and or Jesu Christ as a “God fearing” Soul?

How can a ‘God fearing’ person feel or say they love something they fear?

When it is clear, they have not recognised the Christ Consciousness within to love themselves wholly in order to be able to love something external to themselves fully.

The phrase “God fearing” feels like an oxymoron. It feels like some of these people “missed the point”. God is unconditional love, in my opinion, and experience of Source, Creator, Universe energies. No matter which God you chose to pray to, when I tap into this energy I feel the phrase “You were meant to love all, and learn to love yourself, unconditionally, just as I have for all Earth’s children.”

The God wound is real, and mainly due to the ill-wishing people who have done, unspeakable crimes, injustices, and inhumane atrocities to people, cities, countries, Nations & cultures all in the name of God, or proclaiming to do “God’s Will” Acting monstrously under the guide & shield of being a servant to and of the Lord, for centuries.

What many need to innerstand is We here today, are healing both sides of this God wound.

Those who were murdered, tortured, maimed, or betrayed by those acting to “God’s Will” and equally so, we are seeing a percentage of the collective who are the ancestors of these Tyrants hiding behind “God’s Will” or “in the name of our Lord.” If not ancestors, those Souls reincarnated into other lifetimes.

((Many of you may not believe in reincarnation, some may attempt to tell me, those Souls would have ended up in “Hell”.

I disagree, especially as throughout the centuries there have been reports of serial killer’s Soul haunting, possession the living & killing again.))

I feel we need to not merely honour & devout ourselves to who we resonate and align with most, when it comes to our “God of Choice” we as a Collective need to innerstand that God, Source, Creator is a frequency of unconditional love. And that which we see in “Him” is merely a reflection of the Light we hold within – or the lack of light we allow ourselves to feel, see and be.

Theses are my musings on the infinite and eternal love of God, Source, Creator and the Universe being omnipresent in our realities always. It is merely a matter of, if, you will allow yourself to open to receive this love? Or, will you continue to carry the God wound into your next life and pass up the opportunity to return home to your Light and Love within your own heart and Soul.

God is a saviour of men. Not for what he ‘did’ for them. It was for what he ignited within every heart and mind. A remembrance of infinite, eternal supply of Love through the Golden Web of Life. The Golden Thread connecting all of our hearts of all beings across the planet.

God, Source, Creator, Jesus Christ, Lord; it is we who are the teachers of Love, Acceptance and compassions, never were we to be idolised for the Love we contain and only wished to share. Ignore the corruption, Ignore “name” and see beyond the gross history done in our Names.

Attune to the frequency of our intention direct from the Source. Reclaim your power by following the scriptures as written. God, Jesus Christ, Allah, Buddha, Creator, Universal Source Consciousness. However, read these writings to inspire you to hold your own level of unconditional love.

Use the writings as the tool they were intended, not as a step-by-step “How-to” guide.

Each version made of each Holy script has been edited and amended through the Ages. Whether it be openly or secretly.

Therefore, you must be prudent and discerning. Attune to the original energy of the messages and verse.

Detaching some what from the use of the language and phrasing.

What are your feelings on this piece?

What does “God Fearing” mean to you?

Do you believe in the energy of one frequency of unconditional love being the inspiration for all of the Divined deities to which people worship?’

I realised part way through I would be sharing this – so all of the above is unedited, straight off the page from my stream of consciousness. I went downstairs for water and to cool down as I had become extremely warm, as is often the case when my Guardian Angels & the ArchAngels come in. I am not going to claim to be channeling God, Source, Creator. However, I was HOT, as if I had been in a sweat lodge. Minus the deluges of sweat.

I continued writing after I returned to my bed.

After writing all of this on the previous pages, I jumped on IG and there was a poste from Kassy Redeemed – who was previously Quantum Kassy – she has awakened to Christ, God and is now posting excerpts of scripture on her profile.

I opened IG and she had just posted something to do with “fearing God”. From what I took from her sharing, people are considered “God fearing” as they fear to lose the love of God.

I was shocked to be honest.

This feels incredibly co-dependant and unhealthy for people – like myself – who are attempting to heal and release co-dependency issues.

Why would we wish to transfer our co-dependency issues from people to another external entity?

This feels very incongruent to healing and Soul growth. I innerstand and feel the Love of God can teach us to love ourselves and all of humanity.

However, to hand that power over to God – or a perceived connection to God – feels it could be a slippery slope. Especially if there are mental illness or dis-ease imbalances already present in their lives.

So that’s everything I wrote.

And I would love to see in the comments here what this sparked for you.