Cancer New Moon

Pursuing the Path of Heart,

no matter the what challenges lay ahead

10th July 2021 @ 11:16 AEST (+10 UTC)

18 Cancer ~ 10th House


Insurmountable levels of passion and drive to break through the restrictions of “the norm” and elevate your reality beyond societal standards into your most exalted way of BEING.

This Moon and it’s accompanying aspects will challenge you to dive deeper than what you presently have. The subterranean exploration of the truths you’ve buried and hidden – even from yourself – will test your mettle and grit as you know the only way to reach the next ascent along the spiralling journey, you must traverse the discomfort of your shadows. Purging out the old wounds of shame, regret, heart break, betrayal, and failures at life, all because your inner child is healing the “I’ve never been normal” wound.

Places, spaces, tribes, professions, and groups are where you must forge forward to reclaim your Divine Status and presence. Proving only to YOURSELF, and no one else, that you are worthy and deserving of the position in which your heart and Higher Self have been guiding you home towards.

This is the New Moon where you get to set the new precedent for your life. Your lifestyle. Your future and the Divinely gifted Soul Mission curated by God, Source, Creator, and your Soul before you were Earthside. Blazing a trail to the Collective and leaving a legendary legacy in your wake, long after your bones have turned to dust.

Do we have difficult aspects countering this beautiful New Moon energy?


However, this is only going to further amplify and solidify for you in your hearts.

You were built for this freaking challenging incarnation.

You were built to not only withstand the human experience as the divinely resilient Soul you are.

You were built to reshape what it means to BE a Soul having a human experience.

You are here to make a difference to the Collective and humanity by your very existence.

And it is by your very existence on this floating sphere at this time in mankind’s history, in which makes you worthy and deserving of the life in which you only dare to dream.

It is up to you, and you alone, to claim and take what is rightfully yours as the Divine Sovereign being you are.

Only you can step towards your destiny.

Only you can decide to claim your rightful place.

So the question remains;

Will you step to, and claim your Crown?

Or will you let this pivotal moment in your journey pass you by?

It is time you claimed your throne!

Don’t be shy now!

We all see you and are applauding your every step.

Keep going!

This is one of those now or never moments.

And we are all backing you 100% of the way.

God, Source, Creator placed you here for good reason. And without error.

To be ALL of you.

Divinity Embodied.

Sovereign and Whole.

As you have always been and will ever be.

You are the Universe playing out in ecstatic cosmic motion.

Reclaim your Self, for yourself, under this New Moon energy and throughout your days. Live as the beautiful Divine Soul you are.

Who we have always known you to be.

I love you and am so excited to see you all in your radiant glory on the other side of this Moon.

Remember, you are the Director, the Writer, and the Actor. Always.

So create your life as you deem fit.

And aim for Pluto!!

I hope this Channelling has served, and remember family.

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