The Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse

~ Isis, Sekhmet & Freya are with you ~

21st June 2020 16:41 AEST (+10 UTC)

0° 21’ in the 7th House of Libra/Venus

~ “Annualar” Full Solar Eclipse Details* ~

Partial Begins: 13:45 AEST 21st June 2020

Ann/Full Begins: 14:47 AEST

Max View ‘Ring of Fire’: 16:40 AEST

Ann/Full Ends: 18:32 AEST

Partial Ends: 19:34 AEST

Moon begins Void of Course: 17:20 AEST 23 June 2020

As this New Moon Solar Eclipse will be conjunct the Galactic Centre, from a Heliocentric perspective this month, I felt not only the energies of Isis, also Sekhmet and Freya are quite heavily present also with me. This makes perfect sense as not only do all of the Goddess work with both the Moon and Sun, they are righteous, loving, fierce, passionate and compassionate healers. It is their frequencies of consciousness in which allow them to wield such power. It would behoove us in these coming hours – not only when the Eclipse is taking place, right through until Sister Luna goes Void of Course – to honour and embody the energy of the Goddess when setting intentions, graciously allowing all to be eclipsed from your energy. Personally this began in the early hours of yesterday morning for me, hence why this article is late and brief. I required the day to hold space for, and allow the emotional releasing to occur. Sans any pressure of self-imposed deadlines, as I need today for too.

This article will be brief and I will not be providing charts and such as last Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Today I wish to channel a message directly from the Preseli I hold, which can be found on the inner circle at Stonehenge. They have borne witness to centuries of magical undertakings and ritual and with the Solstice to occur there within the hour, I find it most apt. I feel that Carnelian, Obsidian and Fire Agate have much to offer us at this time too.

Preseli speaks: “Go back to 1200’s we were all stood around the altar, making silent oaths, promises, requests and vows for the next season to bare healthy harvest, so that the Sun would nourish our fields and bare oat to harvest. Now is the time to connect back to those oaths, promises, vows and requests. Venus is playing a silent yet powerful role here today. Look to what and uphold your, value. You will make your altar your own today, a new and it will be just, and right and we will be there with you. All you need do is remember what you originally spoke, do not try and think of it. This is not the way. Feel it arise as you begin your ritual, what comes forth without thought, and intuitively will be exactly as it was and what is required for you in this moment. Trust. And cast your circles with confidence, deosil (anti-clockwise) to open, widdershins (clockwise) to close, southern cousins. Keep your heart and intent pure, focused on the good of all. On all of the good that can become, we remind you say first that which you wish to banish, then say that which you wish to replace it with or call in. Order is just as important as intent and purity of heart. Spellwork and ritual are never to intend harm, only to inspire love and create peace. So mote it be and so it is. ”

Make a sacred space for yourself this evening. Light a candle. Collect some items you feel represent the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Do not doubt your intuitions on these. What will be required will be the first things that come to mind.

And as you use your breath to ground yourself down into your heart space. Setting the intention that all that is to be written and prayed for and invoked upon – will be in the highest good, not only of yourself and your family, ensure it will be of the highest good of all of humanity at this time. Attune to your heart beloved and trust in its guidance, always.

I hope you have enjoyed this incredibly brief article and it has offered some solace and guidance for this New Moon. Apolgies it is brief, usual precendents will be back in place for the Capricorn Full Moon.

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There is as usual below, a generalised list of Zodiac so at a glance you can see which House will be your focus for personal releasing and intention setting. Along with a link for a free natal chart for a more accurate indication.

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Be well Brothers & Sisters.

Blessings to you all, and to all beings, always.

Zarah Wolf


Aries Sun/ Ascendant: 4th House – Ruled by Cancer/the Moon

Taurus Sun/ Ascendant: 3rd House – Ruled by Gemini/Mercury

Gemini Sun/ Ascendant: 2nd House – Ruled by Taurus/Venus

Cancer Sun/ Ascendant: 1st House – Ruled by Aries/Mars

Leo Sun/ Ascendant: 12th House – Ruled by Pisces/Neptune

Virgo Sun/ Ascendant: 11th House – Ruled by Aquarius/Uranus

Libra Sun/ Ascendant: 10th House – Ruled by Capricorn/Saturn

Scorpio Sun/ Ascendant: 9th House – Ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter

Sagittarius Sun/ Ascendant: 8th House – Ruled by Scorpio/Pluto (Trad. Mars)

Capricorn Sun/ Ascendant: 7th House – Ruled by Libra/Venus

Aquarius Sun/ Ascendant: 6th House – Ruled Virgo/Mercury

Pisces Sun/ Ascendant: 5th House – Ruled by Leo/ the Sun

FOR A MORE PERSONALISED VIEW I’ve included a link below where you can calculate your own Birth Chart (Natal Chart) to see which House 0° 21’ of Cancer resides.

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