Aquarius Full Moon - take 2

22 August 2021 @ 22:01 AEST (+10 UTC)

Divine Transmission:

Activating the first Aqua Full Moon and New Leo Moon Lion’s Gate energies – this Moon is all about embracing your heart and its truths no matter what – and no matter how much you may be terrified to live your dream reality and ensure that it comes to fruition.

Stay aligned to your heart. Stay aligned to your missions & BE ALL OF YOUR LOVE.

As per the last two Moon posts this is all about claiming your Crowns, Kings & Queens – and rising up into y our Sovereign power as individuals along side those that you love most and cherish the same values as you do. Those who are living their Missions as you are and working toward the same heart aligned futures.

Look to see which Houses both Aquarius and Taurus are in right now – as Uranus has just begun it’s retrograde and being the Ruler of Aquarius, the house Taurus rules in your chart will show the area in which you are to be revising HOW you show up in that area of your life and highlighting what needs to change so that you are living your TRUTH more embodied in that area!

The Void of Course begins at 22:02 AEST this Full Moon – so begin your rituals tonight and your intention settings and double down on that from 09:00 AEST on 22nd August.

Going for gold, your “knowing” is all there is to know!

Aim for Pluto!

Remember eyes in the prize & be flexible with the HOW it unfolds.

Expect big revelations to be revealed – Globally & Personally – off the back of the Capricorn Moon transit as it exited it conjuncted Pluto Rx.

With this being our second Full Moon in Aqua – chart below – this is giving us the opportunity to combine all the intentions and visualisations we have had and grounded in the prior Aqua Full Moon & the Leo New Moon Lion’s Gate portal (which we are still in and integrating)

Check your chart here – look to where Aquarius and Taurus sit in your chart.

And remember that this is just the beginning and if your dreams and intentions for your future do not scare TF out of you – if they do not demand you LEVEL UP to reach them – then you ain’t aiming big enough.

So aim BIGGER!! Until it scares you!

Until you question your sanity!

Then ground down all these intentions and visualisations so they come to pass.

Remembering in calling in such massive miracles for yourself and humanity you will be challenged over the course of the next Full Moon with clearing out whatever doesn’t serve you on the path to reaching this destined reality that God has gifted you the vision – and thus the means of creating!

I love you!

Aim for Pluto – and then dream bigger again fam!

We have work to do and it is demanding we reach higher than ever before in order to ensure our Heart’s and Soul’s Missions are fulfilled at this time!

Stay tuned to my stories over at @alchemywithamanda_official777 for when the Uranus Rx LIVE & blog articles are dropped.

DM me on IG and let me know if you’d be interested in a LIVE Channelling Event via Zoom for Uranus Retrograde through the Houses and what this will mean for you all. Am feeling something big needs to be done for this Retrograde transit we are embarking upon.

Till next time,

13D & above love always,

Amanda L Darch

Full Moon in Aquarius Chart - via AstroGold

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