All Heart - or Nothing - Zero substitutes

Attune to your inner Goddess - listen to her heart's calling. She knows beyond thought.

Libra New Moon

6th October 2021

13° 24'

5th House

22:05 AEDT (+11 UTC)

04:05 PST

07:05 EST

19:05 Bali

Void of Course: 16:03 AEDT 7th OCtober 2021

This beautiful New Moon will certainly be packing as almighty Venusian punch. Setting the energies for this next moon cycle to allow all that’s within your heart to blossom, bloom, be birthed & ensuring that you are aligned to only what your heart values most in order to create your own autonomy & have you step out of the shadows to allow your light to be received in the most divine way – the most unique way, and in the most authentic ways – possible.

This New Moon, along with it’s exacting conjunction to the Sun – of course – will be precisely conjuncting Mars also at 13 degrees and in an applying seven degree conjunction with Mercury retrograding at 20 degrees.

The Libra/Venus ruled Moon conjunct Mars I feel is further activated as Venus is now at 28 degrees of Scorpio. We know within these final degrees, it is a monumental amplification of any sign’s energy. The significance here is Scorpio’s traditional ruler is Mars – so ALL things Libra/Scorpio & Mars/Venus related are amplified in my opinion. Especially as this precise stellium is exacting a quincunx to Uranus (at it’s Fall) in Taurus – Libra’s sister Venus ruled sign.

This is giving me the energies of, massive potential for irritability in wanting to ‘do all the things’ and feeling all the things. However you may find yourself restricted and potentially old wounds and triggers may arise further pushing you to dissolve the conditioning surrounding the ‘emotional blockers’ you were programmed subconsciously to activate whenever feeling anything that may makes others uncomfortable. And how as adults, we can perpetuate this trauma further if we are not mindful of that pattern.

My overall feelings of this Moon and what’s coming through now as I write this transmission is;

Allow Venus amplified at the final degrees of Scorpio to show you what is at your core & heart’s truth.

Combining that with Moon/Sun/Mars energies encouraging dancing with the surrender to the cosmic dance you are attempting to ‘lead’, with zero control and use the quincunx to Uranus to find out within, where you have been attempting to regulate, control, & conform yourself for other external validation, appreciation, acceptance & or comfort.

Acknowledging, addressing, and alchemising these not so positive into a weapon for yourself to push into your edge and surrender into your heart and truth. Wholly and divinely, no matter what you feel others will think about you.

This is your one life – it’s required you live it with ALL your heart, zero substitutes and remembering the Soul Lesson for Libra this evening to prioritise your happiness and yourself for once in your life, whilst disregarding any external advices – especially if given by those people who are not living a life you would ever wish to.

So attune to your inner-Goddess family – Brothers and Sisters – she is there awaiting to Guide you into creating your heart’s desires.

All you must do is trust, lean in & BELIEVE your ARE WORTHY of living your life according to your own terms & no one else’s.

Don’t be surprised if by the 18th Oct – 19th November for some of you – those who were once at the forefront of relationships in your life are either now in the background, or non-existent as you will undoubtedly be setting new quantum energetic boundaries - and some 3D ones too – with connections you have now and by doing so you will be in effect aligning yourself with the new connections awaiting to meet you, as you are creating space for them to enter your reality as you ascend another plateau of the spiralling journey back home. Surrender to allow your unconditional divine love to guide your way along the path of the heart. The only path worth travelling.

I love you.

Thank you for being.

Wishing you a most magickal New Moon.

13D love & above, always,

Amanda L Darch

6th October 2021

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