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Numerology - In Detail  Continued......


As with a lot of the ancient metaphysical sciences and philosophies, the background of Numerology is quite a medley. It is a blending of Babylonian magic, Astrological philosophies from Hellenistic Alexandria, the Jewish Kabbalah, Indian Vedas, and the ancient Chinese and Egyptian sacred texts (Circle of the Dead & Book of the Master of the Secret House/Ritual of the Dead resp.).

It started back in 6th Century BC with Mathematician and Mystic Pythagoras whom is accredited with bringing the worlds attention to the impact and relationship of Numerical influences and frequencies.

Another note-worthy founding father of Numerology was St. Augustine of Hippo, from 354-343 AD. He shared Pythagoras School of Thought when it came to the power of Numbers. He wrote, “numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of truth”.

By using your date of birth, we can calculate your Life Path Number. This number is akin to your Sun sign in Astrology, as it identifies the experiences and challenges you will encounter throughout your life.

In knowing your Life Path Number, it can make it easier to traverse the ups and downs experienced in our lives and aids in making better sense of them. It can also give you clarity on how you can reach for the highest vibrational frequency of that number to assist you in living your life to your fullest potential.


I incorporate Numerology into my Intuitive Tarot sessions, focusing on your Personal Year Number, as this gives you an idea of what to expect over the next 12 to 18 months and a bit more clarity on which direction you would like to take with this new-found knowledge under your belt.

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