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Channel + Tarot

Consciousness Mentor - Alchemy 1:1

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Bespoke, potent evolutionary


The Alchemy 1:1 Package

Are you tired of standing in the way of your own dreams, desires & goals for personal spiritual healing & evolution?

Connect with Amanda today to organise your Heart 2 Heart Call & application form. 


Through four powerful one-on-one sessions, you will learn to tap into and decode your own energy, activating the already present Divine gifts you hold bone-deep and activating your connection to your Highest Self & fostering your flourishing potential within.


You will learn how to utilise the Soul-Level Perspective at each perceived challenge you face to assist you in accepting the Quantum reflected reality we are living in, identify your patterns, wounds and blockages at a core paradigm level so you may Alchemise them within mere moments prior to you stealing your own Peace & Zen from your NOW moment. 

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Psychic Astro + Tarot

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Friday - Tues

Quite often, there is a wild stigma that heads into the direction of Tarot being some sort of undesirable and mystical, witch-like practice. However, this could not be further from the truth. The Tarot is as pure in heart as you are. It is not a tool traditionally used to cast spells and hexes as the uneducated would assume it to be.


It was born a playing card in the 14th Century in Italy and named the ‘Tarocchi’. It was in the 15th and 16th Centuries it became known as the ‘Tarock’ in Germany, and then lastly named the ‘Tarot’ by the French.

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Astrology Consult

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Soul Guidance & ReAlignment



Natal Charts

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The history of Astrology is as rich and deep as the language itself, dating back to as early as 2nd Millennium BC (2000-1001BC) in the days of Babylon. It was the Babylonians who first noted and believed the correlation between the Stars and life events. They were the writers of the myths to each of the constellations and systematically derived the first descriptions of the twelve Zodiac signs.


The Egyptians followed suit not long afterward and revised what the Babylonians had set forth. The Babylonians introduced astrology to the ancient Greeks in the 3rd Century BC (300-201BC) when Egypt was under their rule, and the Greeks are responsible for reshaping Astrology into what we know today to be the Zodiac which is the Greek word for ‘cycle or circle of little animals’.


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Energy Healings with Reiki


Distant Healings

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Fri - Tues 

Reiki is one of the Buddhist offspring of Qigong with added Shintoist influence. Dr. Mikaomi Usui (Usui Sensei) of Kyoto, Japan rediscovered and created the name “Rei-Ki” in the late 1880’s. Written in the Japanese Kanji form, the character for “Rei” means holy, spirit, mystery, gift, divine, nature, spirit, or invisible spirit. The character “Ki” means energy, nature scene, talent and feeling. However, Rei-Ki is generally translated as “universal life energy”.

Usui Sensei retreated to Mount Kurama one day to fast and meditate. It was after this 21-day retreat that he felt the Reiki energy which made him to create the Reiki healing system. He tried it on himself and then his family. Realising how well it worked for various ailments, he decided to share this knowledge with the public.

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Guided journeys & meditations

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The word itself, Meditation, is from the Latin ‘meditatum’ which translates to ‘to ponder’. It was Guigo II, a 12th Century Monk who first used the term ‘meditato’ to describe the process of entering a meditative state.

Still, some believe the practice itself dates to prehistoric civilisations who would use repetitive chants in rituals of offerings to their gods, by their fires which would induce a trance like state.

The modern methods of Meditation date back to as far as 5th Century BC, as found in scriptures from Hindu, Confucian, Taoist China and Buddhist India.

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Crystal Love

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Crystal Healing works due to the naturally formed energetic alignments which are built up slowly over time. An energy field is created in and around the mineral from the Earth’s frequency. The longer a Crystal is owned and handled, the more the charge builds up and the stronger the alignment with their owners become - even to the point of seeing changes within the crystal, especially if this is a transparent quartz or stone. I have seen this occur in the Smoky Quartz pillar terminal in which I have for my own personal use.

Revered in all civilisations for thousands of years, in 5000BC the Sumerians believed Crystals would ward off evil and offer protection.

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Live Zoom & Recorded

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Soul Guidance & ReAlignment


As with a lot of the ancient metaphysical sciences and philosophies, the background of Numerology is quite a medley. It is a blending of Babylonian magic, Astrological philosophies from Hellenistic Alexandria, the Jewish Kabbalah, Indian Vedas, and the ancient Chinese and Egyptian sacred texts (Circle of the Dead & Book of the Master of the Secret House/Ritual of the Dead resp.).

It started back in 6th Century BC with Mathematician and Mystic Pythagoras whom is accredited with bringing the worlds attention to the impact and relationship of Numerical influences and frequencies.

“Number is the rules of form and ideas and the cause of gods and daemons” – Pythagoras.

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