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Crystal Love - In Detail  Continued......


Crystal Healing works due to the naturally formed energetic alignments which are built up slowly over time. An energy field is created in and around the mineral from the Earth’s frequency. The longer a Crystal is owned and handled, the more the charge builds up and the stronger the alignment with their owners become - even to the point of seeing changes within the crystal, especially if this is a transparent quartz or stone. I have seen this occur in the Smoky Quartz pillar terminal in which I have for my own personal use.

Revered in all civilisations for thousands of years, in 5000BC the Sumerians believed Crystals would ward off evil and offer protection.

Egyptians would wear Crystals in their jewellery and head wear; The Pharaohs especially would wear them in their amulets and adorn other items they wore. It is said that Cleopatra had her servants ground up Lapis Lazuli to mix with wax for her distinctive eye make-up and insisted Lapis Lazuli was only for royalty.

The Greeks were the first to give Crystals a name. The word Crystal comes from the Greek word meaning ‘ice’ from discovering Clear Quartz Crystals. They believed it was water that had frozen so deeply it would always remain solid. They would use Carnelian, Agate and Turquoise for earring cuffs and upper armlets, designed in such a way to incorporate their Gods, favouring Athena and Zeus at the time.


Romans and Gladiators carved Crystals into amulets and wore them as Talismans for protection into battle. They had access to a wider variety of Crystals due to their expansive rule in this age, so were able to use Amethyst and Jasper amongst many others from the surrounding regions.


The Chinese favoured Jade for abundance; thought to protect the wearier and ward off evil spirits.

Native Americans used them as Talismans and weaved them into their Dream Catchers believing they were able to protect and heal.

It was the Medieval ages which brought about the use of Crystal elixirs and potions for treatments of all sorts of ailments -  mental, physical and psychological. Nikola Tesla also recognised the power of Crystals and, today quartz time technology is widely used.

Crystal healing can be used in conjunction with many other healing modalities - Reiki and Massage for example. Intent is of utmost importance when it comes to the effectiveness of the Crystal.


There is a lot of conjecture regarding the effectiveness of using Crystals as there has been no scientific proof of diseases being healed. It is seen as a pseudoscience and most beliefs when Crystals have had a positive effect, are attributed to the Placebo effect.


Nevertheless, from using Crystals personally, I can attest to the positive impact they have had in my life. I wish to share this with you by incorporating my Crystal Healing into all of my Services, by offering guidance to which Crystals may benefit you at this point  along your path.

If you are so inclined, all you need to do is ask.

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