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Competition Terms

#competition to win a #freesession Per my first post of 2023 #miccheck I mentioned a monthly competition 😀  my idea for this is for two reasons.

One, gratitude😊🙌 I have many who share & like, and sometimes even comment on, my posts since first launching in 2018.

And I’d like to offer my services as an energy exchange because it helps my content reach further.

Which is the perfect Segway into my second reason 😊

I wish to reach further again and reconfigure the algorithm on my accounts, and I want to continue to do this organically where possible,  and to do this I need your help. With likes, shares, saves, tags and comments, even if it’s just an emoji or two, across all the posts, videos etc., made across my Instagram & Facebook profiles.

And to show my appreciation for this level of support to my business I will be running a monthly competition. Even using the cool spinning wheel app thingy to make it legit and as professional as possible 😆

So One Competition. One Draw, One Winner. Every month.

Across Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook Amanda L Darch and Alchemy with Amanda accounts

And Instagram @alchemywithamanda_official


The bonus is, if you share & Tag to both platforms, each share & tag is counted as an extra entry into the competition.


Eg: I make one post across both platforms.

You share to your Facebook profile & tag the posting account, (= 2 entries)

You share to your Facebook stories & Tag the posting account, (= 2 entries)

 & then you Share the post to your Instagram stories & Tag my profile (= 2 entries)


That’s a possible 6 entries from one post 😎💥💃


If you Repost (either using an app or not), including share to your story with tags, any of my Branded Artwork and writings with tags, this is automatically 5 entries.


Winner is drawn 4th of the following month.


Prize is one 30min Esoteric Empowerment Session with me, via Zoom w copy of recording.


Prize is to be scheduled within 3 days of Draw, for redeeming within the remainder of the calendar month.


Rules are:

  1. Your profiles & stories must be on Public / unlocked.

  2. Heart, Save & Comment on the Posts you Share/Repost.

  3. 1 Entry per, Share & Tag. Opt for your IG handle or FB Name to be your entry name via DM

  4. 5 Entries per Repost, per aforementioned inclusions.

  5. If you also tag people in the comments this is One extra entry.

  6. If you do not schedule your session to be redeemed within the calendar month, you forfeit your Prize. No roll-overs nor credits.


Please note, if you have already shared my posts & tagged me since January 1st 2023. Your name/handle is already in the draw for this month 😇


Thank you so much for joining in my competition to support my work, my mission and myself in reaching as many people as possible with the medicine I’m here to Serve & deliver 🙌 I’m honoured 🧘‍♀️🌿😊


All the details on current offerings via the link in my bio – or direct at subscribe today & hit the notifications 🔔 for when my SATURN MASTERCLASS Event is launched this evening.


Love, Liberty & Blessings



Alchemy with Amanda

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I am not here to sell you a dream. I am here to show you how to create it!©

All offerings available via Zoom, Facetime, Messenger & or Telephone.

(* with the exception of in-person Consultancy, Events, etc.)


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