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Astrology Consult - In Detail  Continued......

The history of Astrology is as rich and deep as the language itself, dating back to as early as 2nd Millennium BC (2000-1001BC) in the days of Babylon. It was the Babylonians who first noted and believed the correlation between the Stars and life events. They were the writers of the myths to each of the constellations and systematically derived the first descriptions of the twelve Zodiac signs.


The Egyptians followed suit not long afterward and revised what the Babylonians had set forth. The Babylonians introduced astrology to the ancient Greeks in the 3rd Century BC (300-201BC) when Egypt was under their rule, and the Greeks are responsible for reshaping Astrology into what we know today to be the Zodiac which is the Greek word for ‘cycle or circle of little animals’.

The Greeks kept some of the Babylonian myths of the constellations and added some of their own. Both of the words, Astrology and Astronomy are also borne from the Greek word ‘Asteri’, meaning Star.

The ancient philosophers and mathematicians of the time were devout believers in the significance of planetary placements and their affect on daily goings-on in their lives. Most rulers of the time would not make vital decisions regarding their Empires or next course of action during battle without consulting an Almanac with the guidance from an Astrologer.

Present day, with the assistance of our technological advances, the language of Astrology has developed quite significantly over the centuries. With another ‘Age of Aquarius’ about to begin unfolding before us, its subscribers only continue to grow further in number by the day.


Understanding your own Natal Chart can give you significant (read MASSIVE) insight into the why, behind how you are.


We must be careful to remember that our Natal Chart is a draft of blue-print. The final print has yet to be discovered.


Just as with a Tarot reading, we are looking for any obstacles or disturbances which we can better prepare for, in the hopes of avoiding or overcoming them entirely. You will see how this is possible as we explore your chart, along with the daily transits and its influences over our energies.

I am speaking from personal experience. The level of understanding I now hold about myself is something I never thought possible.

The driving forces behind how I react and respond to events make much more sense. It has made it that little bit easier to navigate through my life. Knowing the repercussions of certain actions before I take them has allowed me to side-step quite a few things. Things like thought patterns, emotional tendencies, base behaviours and the resulting reactions are all right there in my Natal Chart.


Therefore, in knowing all of this about myself, I hold the power to change. I’m not saying it’s easy. It’s far from it, but forewarned is forearmed!


Exclusive Astrology Chart Consultations available here

Since beginning offering my services, Astrology Chart Consults have been provided within the Soul Guidance & ReAlignment offering. Please refer to the session detail here on the bookings page.

Please ensure you have read the Refund Policy available at the time of making a booking.  Further to this, please ensure you have read the Disclaimer prior to booking.If require further information, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

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