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* NOTE: All Astro Offerings listed below are designed for all those who are completely NEW to Astrology.

For a deeper dive into ALL the things, please book the 'Soul Guidance & ReAlignment' session here

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My own personal photo of the Astrolabe in Prauge from 2008

Astro Intro to You

... being MORE than just your Sun sign.

Designed for the those completely new to the language of Astrology. 


This is a brief Natal Astrology Consultation – approx. 20-30 mins LIVE Zoom meet.


Discovering your Moon & Ascendant sign (Rising sign), and how they fill in the blanks.

Answering the question of why some times, only parts of your Sun sign rings true, whilst other parts, are just completely wrong for you!


PLUS a brief look at your Progressions of each – to highlight the energies you are imbued with for the current year of your life.

Returning in 2022

*Exact Time of Birth required for accuracy of Ascendant/Rising sign.

(Can accept approx. time - within 10mins.) 

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The top five

...two luminaries + three planets

The Sun & Moon are the two luminaries.

Mercury, Venus & Mars are the other three main players, of what we call, 'Personal Planets' in astrology. In very over simplified terms. 

The Sun, your outward (or hidden) personality.

The Moon, your emotional archetype.

Mercury, your cognitive behaviour/learning patterning. Venus, what - & how - you love & what you value. And Mars, your warrior, your fire, & what are your passions & frustrations.

45 mins - LIVE Zoom 

Please note: To get the most out of this Consult, ensure you have already purchased and received your 'Astro Intro to You' recorded report.


*Exact Time of Birth required for accuracy of Ascendant/Rising sign.

(Can accept approx. time - within 10mins.) 

Please place this in the comments section of the Order Form.)

Destiny & dharma

...Fate? or your Soul's purpose?

Brief overview of your Top 5 &

 how they interplay with your Lunar Nodes .

The North & South Nodes of

Dharma & Karma, respectively.


Discovering your Destiny Point.

The Vertex.

Your Key to your Magick!


What & how to use each to your advantage on your path to Self-Mastery along your Soul's journey of Ascension.

Coming very soon!!!

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Returning in

The Cosmic BluePrint

... how your celestial algorithm = You!

Coming very soon!!!

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Future available chart consultations

"... the study of Astrology is as vast as the Cosmos itself. With innumerable galaxies & black "rabbit" holes to lose oneself in, and an equal mecca of solar systems to choose from to explore at depth. Good luck if you can decide on just one abyss to follow." - Amanda Darch

I am so gracious to be able to serve the above offerings today. All the while continuing to further and deepen my astrological & astronomical studies. In the future, I endeavour to add even greater depth in my offerings into the ever evolving astrological journey of your life in this incarnation.

Most importantly, to begin including the Mid-points – and their influences - as a little something extra to discover about your Astro-Algorithm.



My desires for the future are to incorporate & add the following consult services, in no particular order;



A dedicated and detailed ‘Progressions in Session’ consult, to give you insight into the energies you are traversing in a particular year of your life. Be it the current year, or what to in the future. At this moment Progressions are touched on ever so briefly via ‘The Cosmic Blueprint’ consult, and only at request. Not to be confused with a Solar or Lunar Return Chart.

A dedicated and detailed ‘Transiting Stations’ consult. Where we can hone in on what to expect for you on any given day, or for a specific event you may have planned. Again, at this moment Transits are briefly interwoven into ‘The Cosmic Blueprint’ consult, and only at request.

A dedicated and detailed ‘Fixed Stars at Play’ – as you may already be aware, there are over 200 Fixed Stars that pepper the Zodiac. They each have their own Mythical stories & thus add yet again, another layer to the Astrological onion for you to discover.

'The Astro Nut'  A swan dive into ALL realms of your cosmic deliciousness. Details yet to be decided upon. However am feeling something along the lines of, this being is a Live Zoom Session where we go ALL IN – with no set time frame - exploring all the layers of all of your Charts.

& lastly, one I have loved studying this past almost years, is working with your child's chart.

This is for parents who wish to innerstand the temprament and personality of their child to make for more "Harmony in the Home".

Supporting their children in a way that is nurturing for them to develop into their own inate selves and not marred by simple misunderstandings such as, personality clashes. 

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Thank you for being here.


And thank you for being one of the many who wish to dive into the abyss of Self-discovery, self-mastery, and self-actualisation.

I’m pretty sure someone, some where, once said something along the lines of “… you are the Universe in ecstatic motion in the physical.” Or something to that effect. And in this quantum hologram we find ourselves in, in every now moment ad infinitum, I have to agree.

The way I see it. We are all mini-Universes. Intermingling, flowing in and out of one another’s orbits in a perfect divine dance of synchronicity. Some would like to believe it is chance.


Many of us whom know better, know that our songs were orchestrated, and our dance of life choreographed, long before we landed Earth-side.

13D & above love, always

Amanda x